Book Review: Moonglow by Kristen Callihan

*** Review contains some Firelight spoilers***

In Moonglow (Darkest London #2), by Kristen Callihan, Daisy, Miranda’s sister, is through with mourning.  Her horrible, stifling husband is dead and she intends to get back to enjoying her life.  That proves not to be as easy as she hopes.  A gruesome murder throws her into the path of none other than Ian Ranulf, the very man that tried to tear her sister Miranda’s marriage apart. While Ian is handsome, he is also angry and unpredictable, appointing himself Daisy’s protector while the murderer is on the prowl.  Not to bound again, Daisy follows him through his investigations.  Soon she is plunged into a supernatural world, that despite knowledge of her sister’s talents, she remained ignorant of.  Now she is neck deep in the paranormal and maybe, just maybe it’s right where she has always belonged.  She and Ian are even drawn together by mutual intelligence and desire.  Will they find the killer in time?  Will their passion save them for prove to be the death of them and everything they hold dear?

I really enjoyed reading Moonglow.  I read Firelight first and was happy to be re-immersed in a Victorian England, that is a little paranormal, a little steam punk, and very hot.  Callihan continues to craft her world subtly, letting you in on the difference between the London of history and this place, on a need to know basis.  She sweeps you along in the story, with explainers as you go, that feel like a natural part of the action and not a lesson in background knowledge.  I find that I’m never certain what paranormal thing she will get into next and that is fine by me.  The romance aspect of the story is gratefully, what you expect from your romance novels with a little touch of daring.  Obvious the characters dally about a bit before the big show, but the sexual tension is well worth the pay off.  Just as with Firelight, I cannot wait to see what happened after the events of Moonglow.

  • ARC received from: NetGalley
  • Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
  • Date of Publication: July 31, 2012

Review and Favorite Quotes from The Friend Zone by Kristen Callihan

Book #2 read in May


Finally Gray Grayson is mine!!!! Well actually he belongs to Ivy but I think that she might let us borrow him for a little while :) … Maybe?

I was extremely excited to read this book, just by reading the blurb I knew it was going to be amazing and it truly was but a lot more than what I had initially thought.

Gray steals your heart from the first moment in the book and he never gives it back, he had us swooning, laughing and crying (maybe that last one just me). I enjoyed this book so much, it had moments of laughter and lightness where friendship and new found love were cherished but it also had dark moments, where I wanted to jump into the page and comfort whoever was sad or unhappy.

Gray and Ivy have the type of relationship that I’ve always liked the best, the one that comes from friendship, they got to know each other very well before anything overly romantic happened and I’ve always thought that this type of relationships are always going to prevail because you already know the person, you decided to be friends with them for a reason and it’s beautiful to see how the love grows and grows until it can’t be ignored anymore and that’s what I saw in Gray and Ivy.

They both won my admiration, they were brave, making decisions to benefit their lives but also their relationship, both willing to make sacrifices for their future, I loved how grown up they were.

I read a sneak peek into the next book and let me tell you it sounds amazing! I can’t wait for more.

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