Street art by Zepha-Vincent Abadie Hafez
Calligraphic mandala in latin, Arabic and Amazigh alphabet with the Maroccan quotes:
"Pas la peine d’attendre la nuit pour regarder les étoiles: elles sont toujours là à attendre qu’on les touche."

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مقولة مغربية مكتوبة بالفرنسية و العربية و الأمازيغية 
"لا داعي لانتظار حتى الليل لرؤية النجوم، بل هي بقربك دائما تنتظر لمسة منك"
في أكادير المغرب


Female Calligrapher

Molly Jacques is not only a beatiful woman, she has also a beautiful sense for calligraphy and lettering. Practicing in Detroit ,Michigan she loves to illustrate letters and words for clients like the Wall Street Journal, Tiffany & Co., How Magazine and many more. While holding workshops and speaking at the AIGA she is one of the most famous faces in the typography world. We love the ornamental rafinesse and the soft feminine touch in her work. Enjoy it! 

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Truthful, honesty, faithful. Always I hope to be so.

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