people whose lives i love following

I’m really fired up about these blogs and hope you enjoy them as much as I do … if you aren’t already reading them! 

1. Gubbi of Arabia: Expat Life in Dubai. A gal from Tennessee who moved to Dubai amid her quarterlife crisis. Four years later, she’s still there, still a fish-out-of-water (or whatever the desert version of that cliche is) and writes funny tales about life in the Middle East. Start with her post on window-cleaning in Dubai. 

2. Summer with Callielion. Colleen is a 20 year-old Arizona lady who blogs about healthy living, books, and trying to become a better person. She’s so wise that I forget we’re not the same age! Start with this really interesting post about how she got married at 17

3. Cup of Chi. You know how you’ve always kinda wanted to pack it up and move to Scotland? Well, the good news is you can read this blog and get a fun glimpse into what your life will be like when you finally move to St. Andrew’s. I am jealous in the good kind of way! 

4. A Tale of Two Babies.She’s a new mom to an adorable baby and an All-But-Dissertation Phd candidate figuring out how to do it all! She’s warm and thoughtful and one of my favorite people in life, and this really shows up in her writing. And she’s brand new to Tumblr! I can’t wait to see more. 

5. Finally Chelle. Funny lady. Her subtitle is “the musings of an average transsexual woman,” and she writes about life, love, womanhood and weight loss in a really honest, down-to-earth way.

6. One Jay At a Time. A daddy blogger in New York City who writes about how life and perspective are changing now that he’s got a lovely daughter. 

7. The White Elephant in the Room. Beautiful writing from a young widow who is sharing the highs and lows of her new life. You can read more about her here

Isn’t this a great caption? “Welcome aboard this blogging journey! Let’s discover some new reads, shall we?" 

Happy Friday! I hope you have a good weekend.