the issue @ hand is that fucking markplier screenshotted a womans nudes she meant to send to her boyfriend and then denied it and was gross about it like she was good enough for random boobs and then when he was calledo ut on it when it wasnt meant for him he got nasty like this wasnt an issue of her “feeling sad” or w/e weird gross shit anon sent me

sweetheartchen asked:

obviously there's the colorism. he's also called high school girls sluts, used the word "autistic" as an insult, there was that time where he legitimately hurt sehun, and i don't know if you saw it but what i learned today is tao tried to hold his hand and baekhyun not only rejected him buT THEN ACTED LIKE HE WAS BRUSHING DIRT OFF HIS HAND

Colorism? wtf -sigh- wow. This is just- Idk, Fame making shitty people. It’s sad really. He needs to be taught that this is wrong. Someone needs to fucking call him out on this shit tbh.  Legitimately hurt sehun?! How?! ;_; 

whaaaaat i never saw that thing about Tao and Baekhyun!! .. I wish more of this pops up on my dash. That’s disgusting and i was hoping that no one in EXO turns out like a piece of shit like Shindong. That’s just disappointing really. :/ Alas.