calle luna

Another rad design that I still have available for a special tattoo discount this month for any of you Sailor Moon fans! This knes called “Luna”. Email me or text to set up an appointment to get this or any other designs I have available for tattoo! / 909.964.2665
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The boy gots skills. Brandon took a break from shooting Philadelphia SalsaFest to debut with his team CalleLuna. He’s the real dancing and jumping photog. 


Cantante de cantantes


LOL today a friend  agreed that this would be the song for our neighborhood.

Calle luna Calle sol / Hector Lavoe & Willie colon


Temazo del día:

Che Sudaka - Calle Luna

Y ya sabéis, para pedirme cualquier canción o lo que queráis…ahí esta el botón de preguntar cosas…o directamente mandármelas…o si aun así os da vergüenza también tengo el twitter

Ale, un Apero Saludo!!


((Luna misses her lover! XD))

Alice looks down at her phone, she opened to see what Luna sent her. Her eyes widened in shock and she blushes darkly before she closed her phone, she runs into the bathroom before calling Luna.

anonymous asked:

I nominate the portal thingy or whatever you call it and miles luna for jerk of the week because the portal thingy messed with Carolina's feelings and miles messed with ours

Sarge was the jerk this week.

anonymous asked:

What is the app called that Luna used to get 4 videos into one, like a collage? Thank you! 😄

Sorry this took a while! Had to make sure myself but the app is called B612 by LINE. It’s also available on Google Play and Android.