glidingmonsters asked:

Prompt: Cassandra (Greek mythology)

α. Apollo is there when she wakes, crouched down beside her in the sand of an unfamiliar shore. Her throat aches from where Clytemnestra drew the knife across it, though she does not know that then—only the ache when she breathes. (It is the one scar that will never heal; the blade went too deep, the hand the wielded it struck too true.)

I was dead, she says to the god, who is watching her with eyes like the unforgiving sun. 

No, he answers. You will never die. I’m sorry.

They are both lying, of course. (It is an old game.) Still, Apollo helps her to her feet, and she feels his eyes on her as she walks away, down the sand.


β. The centuries wax and wane, she dies. She is never dead. The Sibyls pity and shelter her, until there are no more Sibyls. Then she is alone.


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People keep saying this quote,
‘I wonder who’s arms I’d fall into
If I was drunk and in a room full of everyone I have ever loved.’
You’re drunk…
You can fall into anyone’s arms
that are willing to catch you.
I wanna know who’s name
I’d be calling out
clear as day.
Oh right…
It will be yours;

It will always be yours.

—  Thebxb

I finally watched the newest Agent Carter, and I was confused for a second as to why her fellow agent kept calling Peggy “Marge.” At first I thought he was just being a dick and pretending he couldn’t remember her name, but then I remembered that Peggy and Marge are both nicknames for Margaret.

So it’s like saying “hi fella’s! My name’s Eddie!” and your boss says “ha, okay Ned.” Or “how do you do? I’m Liz!” “Beth, why don’t you pass me that file?”

He’s technically not wrong. It’s a nickname for her name. But it’s NOT her name. It’s not the nickname she chose. So he is being a dick. But he’s being a dick on purpose.

a certain fashion blog i follow posted an image of an “upcycled dress” this morning from etsy and the etsy link just so happened to include a certain slur against Romani people.

a person sent them an ask telling them to please remove the offending post, which they responded to by removing the slur and saying “fine, but it’s not like anyone uses that as an insult nowadays anyway!!”

a bunch of people spoke out against it, naturally

and then they basically said “if you don’t like me, go ahead and unfollow me!”

and then they deleted the ask in question but not the post that started the issues in the first place

and I think this in general is a really good example of privilege at work

"it doesn’t insult me, so I can’t understand how this could possibly insult anyone else!”

This is my “why does my roommate think it’s acceptable to blast the same thirty seconds of the same song in our apartment and talk to herself about setting people on fire” face.

Yes, that is a giant teddy bear in the background. He is 53” tall. He doesn’t have a name because I can’t commit to naming things. I am currently accepting suggestions for names.