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Quick question. Does Cat!Mabel have a name? Cause as cute as it is to call her Kitty-mabel, it's kinda clunky to say it all the time. If she doesn't have a name, I suggest Sparkles, Star or Mittens.

Mod S has arbitrarily decided Lady Star Mittens of Sparkle Town, because it’s cute and it makes me laugh, also Kitty!Mabel has cutie white spots on her feet.

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hullo! i really adore your writing and ive been reading comets and coal and i just wanted to mention: when sollux refers to gamzee, he calls him "cc", but thats feferis tag (cuttlefishCuller). gamzee is tc technically, (terminallyCapricious). i dont wanna come off as rude or anything but thats just a little note of mine. keep up the awesome work!! i love this fic series (two is a series right) so much omg!

That’s because Solux isn’t referring to Gamzee by his trolltag!  He doesn’t know Gamzee’s trolltag in this ‘verse–he’s going off of Gamzee’s stage name, “capricorn”.  “Capricorn”–>CC.  He calls Karkat “KK” because he’s acquainted with him by name. :)  

I should probs add a clarification in the fic somewhere, since I bet there are at least a couple other people thinking I made a mistake there instead of doing it on purpose. :u

Monroe has not been convinced that she should stop dressing up the robot and taking her to the gym. The robot is a great spotter!

The Robot is kind of an amalgamation of multiple scrapped female designs, and is more of a learning AI with an upper-half frame meant for aesthetics and personal aid and a lower-half of sturdier ‘worker’ legs meant for some heavier task. The legs are meant to be a placeholder while a more feminine and graceful model was tested, but they kept failing to find something that supported the top-heavy framework that the synthetic ‘girlsuit’ that makes up the “appealing” appearance.

Their name’s pending, and they may have a few different models and “looks”; EDI meets Princess Mombi.

When you want to come out...

To your parent(s) , but they says something hateful/transphobia/homophobia/sexist causing it to scares you back into the closest and even deeper than before due to fear than if you ever come out your life will be hell (more than before)

My last comment because I will
not stand for bullying. You can have
your opinions without calling someone
names, or saying their opinion is wrong.
By saying I like Natasha, or AOU but 
should take a step back and recognize 
the problem when I view her portrayal
different then yours is like saying I’m too
stupid to see the truth, when I really just
interrupt it differently. But it’s like you’re 
telling me I’m wrong or too stupid to 
really understand, which is again just 
another form of bullying. 

oh man i should really sleep but….

i mean at this point….. i could just take a lil nap in the car….

idk why not just let myself be tired as fuck for the first day, so i can actually sleep in the tent so im fully recharged for the whole waterpark day…