Simon Mayo interviews Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson

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Who was the woman talking to Sansa supposed to be? The one that said "the north remembers"?

She is a random serving woman in Winterfell, she doesn’t exactly have a book counterpart so I don’t think she’s supposed to be anyone but a Winterfell local and Stark sympathizer. 

Major spoiler Stuff from Casting Calls last year:

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Parenting 101 Sokeru Edition


“Let’s Be A PAIR Of ‘Freaks’”

Something I been wanting to draw for a while now, and I finally got around to it once I found a theme for it. Similar to the Diggersby/Lopunny pairing pics and the apple theme. Cute Pokemon couples give me life.~
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“I’m Just A Comet.” Just finished this 9x12 piece featuring Greg and Rose. Inspired by the episode “Story For Steven.” Prints are available for purchase. Contact me for info…

ok so in sweden ur free to call the teacher whatever u wish to its usually by their name

hell u can even call them sweaty donkey balls and they cant do anything to u

and so next term in starting in this english school and i have to call my teachers like miss and stuff 

but like im so scared of it cuz 1. i’ve never called any of my teachers anything other than their names or nicknames 2. i’ve called my teachers bruh and son a bunch of times