Starred // Call from Paris


Starred - Call from Paris


Trouble is my name.


Still stuck on this one a bit…

This week’s links

An Article About Black Women Shouldn’t Have To Come With A Warning Label | Bim Adewunmi | BuzzFeed

Your Fave Is Problematic, And That’s Okay For You, But They Still Need To Apologize | Rawiya Kameir | Fader

I watch therefore I am: seven movies that teach us key philosophy lessons | Julian Baggini, Christine Korsgaard, Ursula Coope, Peter Singer, Susan Haack, Kenneth Taylor and Slavoj Žižek | The Guardian

Better Call Caravaggio from the Paris Review’s blog: ‘Painting a biblical allegory of light versus darkness directly onto the faces of its characters, [Better Call] Saul captures life not as a gray marriage of black and white, but as a constant juxtaposition of the two at their purest.’ Really love this, I keep going back to it. vvv envious of anyone who can write like this about TV.

Speaking of TV writing, I also love these Mad Men posts at The New Inquiry (and The Beheld in general) even though I don’t watch the show.

Lies and Videotape | Brandon Harris | The New Inquiry

Madness and Meaning: Depictions of insanity through history | Andrew Scull | The Paris Review

Trash Food | Chris Offutt | Oxford American

I know who you Skyped last summer: how Hollywood plays on our darkest digital fears | Benjamin Lee | The Guardian 

Inside the Mind of Poetry | Elisa Gabbert | The Smart Set

Distinctly Emasculated: Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and sexual anxiety | Cody C. Delistraty | The Paris Review

A Short History of Witches in Pop Culture | Zoë Coleman | The Coven

The Radical Le Corbusier Design That Shaped Italy | Margaret Rhodes | WIRED

The Orgeon Trail Generation: Life Before and After Mainstream Tech | Anna Garvey | Social Media Week

Posthuman Utopia: post-apocalyptic dioramas by Lori Nix

Can Fiction Show Us How Animals Think? | Ivan Kreilkamp | The New Yorker

A good edition of Staff Picks from the Paris Review

The 19th Century Escort Cards with Pick-Up Lines you definitely haven’t heard before - somebody seriously needs to make a pop song out of the first one IMMEDIATELY

The SS15 Chloé collection is my perfect aesthetic for this season, and my kingdom for the Faye bag (crying emoji) (although they could have done something about all the marks on it in that picture)

Book-related stuff: