Joel has an over-sharing boyfriend manip

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No Taeyeon I will not trust in you

This will probably piss some people off, but I’m pissed already so I’m going to rant. Jessica said herself that you guys had a say in whether she stayed or not and you chose to kick her out. You guys can date, have radio shows, etc, but Sica can’t sell some damn sunglasses? Wtf? You’ve already betrayed my trust. And then you go on to say you’ll make sure things are better from now on. How about you try to make things better now by fucking apologizing and putting Jessica back in the group. You’re the leader! You are suppose to lead and support your members. How can you let all those years of hard work, struggle, and tears go down the drain because Jessica wants to do something that makes her happy. I just don’t understand. This is no small matter. I want a clear explanation and I’m sure others do too. Be a woman, no BE A LEADER and handle this Situation. You were put in that position for a reason.


but let us not forget the time christophe and kyle held hands


kystophe lives on