Bio + High Praise

DJ Calkuta, Patience and Bender. Courtesy of The General Studio, Ottawa.


Flight Distance (DJ Calkuta and MCs Patience & Bender) are an independent hip-hop group from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They formed in 2004, releasing their highly regarded debut album, Run For Your Lives! in 2005. They quickly became a local favourite because of their memorable energetic, engaging live performances and cold & calculated, thought-provoking and exciting recorded material.

Flight’s strong hometown following has since helped them take their live show from Ontario and Québec to south of the border and overseas to England and France, with further touring in the works.

They’ve toured with OG Hindu Kush, Ceschi (Fake Four Inc.) and Thesis Sahib (Grimm Image Records). FD has also shared the stage with such acts as Ghostface Killah, GZA (Wu-Tang), Shad, Jedi Mind Tricks, Action Bronson, Brother Ali and even the father of hip-hop, Kool Herc, among countless others.

Flight Distance have been a mainstay at Montréal’s popular Under Pressure International Graffiti Convention, performing many times over the years. Including in 2011 with Masta Ace. That same summer, they also played Albany, NY’s Beat*Shot Festival, (also with Masta Ace) and MEG Fest (Montréal Electronic Groove). In 2012, they were featured in Canadian Music Week (CMW) and played Ottawa’s coveted RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest.

In 2011, Bender was crowned champ of King Of The Dot (Canada’s premier rap battle league) and is considered one of the finest battle MCs in the world.

Bad Information maintained #1 position on CHUO FM radio in Ottawa for 4 weeks, and debuted at #4 on !earshot, the national campus and community radio report, in their October 2011 specialty chart for hip-hop.

Flight Distance’s music has been featured on several influencial hip-hop blogs including the highly-esteemed

Fans and critics alike can begin to anticipate FD’s third full-length album, tentatively titled Harmony Chlorine in late 2012/early 2013.

High Praise:

“Lo-fi basement-level boom-bap, sounds like the soundtrack to a kidnapping… Certainly one of the best-written releases of 2011.”

“For those that don’t know Flight Distance, their music is sample-heavy (mostly ’60s & ’70s soul and rock), much like the sound of mid to late nineties New York boom-bap production but with new(er) school drum arrangements. The DJ’s presence is very evident and traditional, with a lot of scratching. They like to say they are lyrically dense with complex rhyme-schemes for the fans of technical rap skill, but it’s fully accessible to everyone. Topic wise, they range from societal ills and personal demons to the state of hip-hop culture and straight braggadocious battle raps.”

“Taking cues and inspiration from beat poetry, ‘60s rock, classic films and the dusty sounds of East Coast underground rap, the duo take the road less traveled, unafraid to touch on any subject with vivid detail and incredible rapping that’s as CanOx as it is Chuck Bukowski… a must for any fans of Def Jux and densely/vividly lyrical underground rap.”

“FD’s sophomore, Bad Information, meanwhile, speaks for itself, in the language of full-blooded street shit that will resonate with heads on lo-fi frequencies, encrypted by the strictly grimy MPC production of their man Crack Moses. The album is among the rawest in the underground this year.” - Darcy MacDonald, The Montreal Mirror

“[Bad Information] is easily the greatest rap record I’ve ever heard out of Ottawa.” - Peter Simpson, The Ottawa Citizen