some babes I liked on the internet this week

Ok, this is more like “some babes I liked on the internet in the past 6-8 months.” DEAL WITH IT. At my grandma’s birthday last night, I had a good talk with my family about ~blogging~. They asked if I still “do my blog” and I explained the myriad of ways it’s difficult to maintain in the wintertime. It’s one thing to drag yourself outside for photos but it’s another to ask someone else to join you. Hopefully now that the snow is melting I’ll have more to wear and share, but for now…

Lydia killing the game, as always (via style is style)

so perfectly simple (via jaimen lee)

(via calivintage)

I should do a post of all fruit button downs. I want this shirt. (hot chub fashion via really rad humans)

just cute overload. (bettie fatal via witch feminist)

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