californiaboundkid asked:

It's slowly growing on me, but I still Femme Fatale was legit! Every song was a hit

Britney Jean is definitely a grower (lol), I’m even kind of enjoying ‘It should be easy’ now, although I still don’t understand why so much robotney. I wouldn’t say Femme Fatale is better though, they’re so different, but I also like FF. But I guess it’s like I read in a review yesterday, BJ is a transition album, maybe the next one will be the gamechanger in her career.

californiaboundkid asked:

How'd you get so many bells in animal crossing already?!

Basically you go to the island any time after 7PM. clear everything on the grass (except i kept the flowers) but leave the palm trees. bugs that are worth around 9,600 (with the money town ordinance). Today Re-Tail had a premium item as a butterfly that was normally worth 3,000 bells, so i ended up catching a lot of those on the island and selling them. That’s pretty much how. I ended up getting around 400,000 each time i went to the island.