Diego San

This android infant was born to the University of California San Diego’s Machine Perception Lab. Diego is about 4’3 (130cm), much larger than the average one year old child and weighs roughly 65 pounds (30kg).

The lab received funding from the National Science Foundation to contract Kokoro Co. Ltd. and Hanson Robotics, two companies that specialize in building lifelike animatronics and androids, to build a replicant based on a one year old baby.

It gives life-like facial expressions and was developed to approximate the complexity of a human body. It’s the first of its kind, but wont be for very long. Other robot infants are in development along with Roboy, a robot boy that promises to go beyond this.




Mexicans Continue Corn Planting Tradition

Throughout the Eastside of Salinas, and many other Mexican communities in the United States, the tradition of planting corn continues. Whether it’s a small milpa in the backyard or a couple of plants in the front or side of the house (or even apartment building), many Mexican households find the way to at least plant a couple of stalks of corn this time of year. Seems fitting considering corn was created in Mexico’s Tehuacán Valley, and that Mexicans are known as the “People of Corn.”

If you planted corn at home this year and would like to share photos, feel free to send them to us!


Colin Wong
San Francisco, CA
Yashica Mat 124G | Fujifilm X100

Tell us about Urban Hiking in San Francisco. Where does it take you and what sorts of places do you see?

I really enjoy hiking in general and although there are a lot of great places to hike in the Bay Area, there aren’t too many big hikes in San Francisco. Urban hiking would be the next closest thing. San Francisco is built on hills so many places require a hike to get to.

I used to wander aimlessly before/after class or work, but not much anymore. Still, San Francisco is a city full of character so you can see quite a bit within a few blocks. Things or places I tend to look out for are simple everyday things that we pass by but pay little attention to.

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