So, the other night me and the homies were out celebrating my fam No Alias’ birthday.. To kick off the night we got off them vintage grape shots then headed to the club where the VIP was waiting for us. We about 6 deep, when the waitress arrived to serve us our bottles (don’t worry about what we was drinkin’) and they decided to make mimosas after the initial toast of the champagne.. While making them, one of the homies decides to stir up his OJ and champagne… WHOOPS!! Wrong idea, because we all know, or should know that when you shake champagne it get real furious [look at any sports championship]. Well, that shit overflowed and went everywhere. All you could hear from there was the homie R like, “Yo! Don’t aggravate the champagne!” Me and Zeem Zeema (Tequila B) were dying laughing at the player words that just came out of the most “non-playerist” dude out the crew mouth.. Which he didn’t even know what he said.. Shiiiiiet, the rest is a wrap.. Literally.. I present to you “My Champagne” produced by Diaz Productions. From the forthcoming album “Sean Patrick | NEMESIS” just in time for the summer.. Don’t Sleep, you need something refreshing in your cup!!