This was a bitch to do. Not so much drawing… But saving it as a PNG file. I’ve no fucking clue what Photoshops motherfucking issue was, but that cunting little bitch wouldn’t save it!!! After downsizing it god only fucking knows how many times, the bitch finally worked after nearly crashing for the sixth time. Sorry for the rant, but holy fuck… -_-;;;; Ffff, anyways… Lateral profile view of Katherine the war phoenix in her raw form…. Enjoy. Or don’t. Cuz after all the stress PS put me through, I’d rather fucking light it on fire myself at this rate…


I always liked plague doctors, and long ago I had created a character that I hadn’t even introduced. Her name is Scourge. Initially she was a curvy, balloon chested number who wielded the ten plagues of Egypt. And she had pitch black eyes with some strange black ooze dripping from her eyes and lips and black pulsating veins sticking up from her skin(that I’m definitely keeping). Nothing has really changed in terms of abilities. But now, she only uses that power if she’s looking to really raise hell and punish people. She also can inflict the bubonic plague on someone as well as many other awful diseases. She is rather sadistic, and no. She is not human. Thus far this is only concept art, I like the mask and top hat, but the rest I’m a bit iffy on. I was thinking of her either being a friend of Zelgai’s or her rival. A friendly rival. I’m kinda torn. Though the more I think on it, I’m more tempted than not to make her and Zelgai temporarily team up now and again to commit the most inhuman atrocities on some hapless human. ;)

///EDIT: I completely fucked up on my zodiac here. This guy is NOT supposed to be Aquarius. He’s supposed to be Pisces. Pisces is the fish, Aquarius is the water bearer. How I fucked this up? I didn’t do my research like a dumb fuck. So yeah. This guys name is now Pisces, and Aquarius(who I was working on when I realized my mistake) will be getting a design of its own, soon enough. Also yes, I have gone through this description and replaced Aquarius’ name with Pisces.////

One of Zelgai’s blood magic summonings from her twisted version of the zodiac. The Pisces. I kind of like the design, kind of don’t. Once again, the anatomy is a bit wonky. Something about his right arm(viewer’s left) just doesn’t seem right. Like it doesn’t properly connect with the rest of his body. =/ Don’t get me started on the hands. -_-

Anyways, Pisces as you no doubt can tell is a water based summoning. He is fast, he is powerful. His physical strength almost rivals that of Gemini’s. Zelgai made it so he’d be able to traverse her kingdom through the use of several water ways.  Because she rarely summons him, Zelgai puts him to other uses. Breeding. She brings him mermaids(no, nothing like our dear Ariel) from time to time among other aquatic lifeforms. But she’ll also use him for crossbreeding experiments with whatever monsters she creates just to see what comes of it. He doesn’t complain when she takes some of his offspring for testing. He obeys her every command, after all. Pisces can survive out of the water for a time before he must return. So when she calls on him to breed more land based monsters she’s made, he’s able to do so for a time. Breeding lasts only about five to seven minutes. The straps around his hips guard his “jewels”. And yes, he was once human like all of Zelgai’s summonings, but through science and Zelly’s blood magic, his DNA goes through a mutation. So there is no chance whatever he produces is going to be full blooded human…

When Zelgai went through the process of making him, she removed his legs below the knees. The patella and any ligaments attached to them were removed and fused instead to the long fishtail Zelgai had engineered for this project. His legs were fused and sewn together and Zelgai grafted thin, fleshy membranes to his hands. His eyes were removed as was his nose cartilage(it would have only gotten in the way, apparently), and Zelgai fused the flesh of another around his head to give the appearance of a diving cap.

And the rushed finished product. Gah, Photoshop was being a total bitch with me. I had to resize this damn thing several times before it would save without crashing. All the same. Yee~ It came out great. Zelgai’s dressed as Jack Skellington and Mary Nette is dressed as Sally. <3 Yeah this is rushed, I didn’t exactly get to do all I wanted in this piece this time but class has been keeping me busy.