Stranded _ Calicho

"Lookin’ for your dad?" Jim, the owner of the car shop, addressed Cal without looking up from his paperwork.

"Uh uh. Shane." She replied.

"Shane!" Jim’s voice boomed through the garage and the loyal boy came running. Jim nodded his head at Cal to answer why he’d been called.

"Hey you." She smiled, resisting the urge to hug him because of inevitable grease and dirt that came with the trade. "Clean yourself up so we can go." 

She’d been spending plenty of time with him since they’d met, picking him up from from work or bringing him lunch to eat with him on his break. He gave her a sense of calm that she couldn’t resist, so she spent every moment with him she could afford, and since they’d gotten to be good friends fast, there wasn’t much competition for his time quite yet. Tonight they were headed to a special drive-in movie that was playing a few towns over, and Cal had been looking forward to it all week. She waited in the car while he finished up, fingers tapping impatiently on the wheel. 

Prom Season || Calicho

Shane had been into town and noticed something. It seemed a flock of people had been buying more dresses and things than usual. A few guys had even stopped by the Auto Shop to get their cars serviced. He asked one of the local boys what the sudden boom in business was. 

"What’s gon’ on… like d’town went crazy…" Shane said, the kid nodded, "Prom season man, All the guys getting their cars fixed up nice and all the girls getting dolled up. It’s gonna be a blast." Shane raised an eyebrow, nodding before he disappeared under the hood of the car.

Glitz & Glamour || Calicho

This was the third night Shane was still under a car when the lights went flickered off into standby mode. He sighed, running a dirty hand down his face and through his hair before sliding from underneath, to stand. 

"Better get goin’ den." He said, as he rummaged in his pockets for his cell. He took a moment to  fire off a quick text before he locked up for the night.

Wake Up. _ Calicho

"Do you know where you are?" A male’s voice echoed in Cal’s mind as her head spun, still wrapped in darkness.
"No…" She replied.
"Can you open your eyes?" She was asked.
Her head bobbed slightly. “No…”
"Can you try?" 
Slowly, her lids lifted, the florescent light sending her head into painful throbbing when she did. 
"Do you know where you are, Cal?" The voice came again.
"H-..H-Hospital…" Her eyes closed.
"Cal, can you hear me?"
"Do you remember who I am?" 
Her eyes opened slowly and she tried to smile weakly. “Dr. Abbott…” Benji’s dad.
"Cal, I’ve conveniently lost your blood tests but…" He bent down close to her ear. "Your BAC was enough to kill you, Cal. Why the hell were you driving?"
"It’s a long story…" She looked down. "What happened?"
"You swerved into a ditch and nicked a tree with your truck which rolled it a couple of times. You’ve got head and neck trauma, lacerations everywhere, a fractured femur, some internal bleeding, a couple of broken ribs, and all of your fingers on your left hand are dislocated…"
She couldn’t help but let out a painful laugh, the fingers weren’t from the accident.
"Cal, this isn’t funny. You get caught driving like that again and you’ll get your license revoked and you might even go to prison, understand? You’re lucky I was working.”
"Yes, Sir…" She murmured, a bit loopy from the drugs. "Thank you…"
"Normally I’d be worried but knowing you, you’ll be just fine." He patted her back. "Get some rest, alright? I know the boys will be eager to see you when they can." 
"Okay…" Her eyes eagerly slipped closed, but she couldn’t sleep with the noises, smells, and lights of the hospital keeping her up.

Behold, Good Sir, Your Future Child

"Ahhhh!" Cal squealed with a laugh, holding Shane’s hand as the redheaded "doctor’s" cold, gloved hands rubbed a weird blue goo over her belly and pressed a strange machine to it. 

"Is that our baby?" She grinned at the monitor.

"What else did you think it was, your lunch?" Axel laughed. "It’s about the size of a plum, maybe a bit bigger." 

"Can you tell if it’s a boy or a girl?" She asked. "Op…" She squeezed Shane’s hand and turned to him. "Did you want to know? I’m not sure if I do."

Coming Home// Army Wife AU

Cal was pacing anxiously in the air port, nearly bouncing. Every atom in her body shook with excitement. The two days were over, and her baby was coming home.

Her other baby slept in John’s arms, the little girl’s fists curled up and hanging around his shoulders. People began piling out of the gates and into the baggage claim and Cal found herself standing on a bench trying to look over the crowd and find Shane.

It took several minutes, every second making her more anxious, more excited, and more angry that he hadn’t appeared yet. Finally, she caught a glimpse of army green, followed by a glimpse of short, black hair.

She leapt off the bench and hit the ground running, bolting through the crowd so quickly people were jumping out of her way. Security watched tensely and some gave dirty looks, but soon she was only a few feet from him. She leapt up into his arms and collided with him, wrapping her arms and legs around him and kissing him lovingly. 

"Shane…" She sighed, burying her face into the crook of his neck, laughing with pure joy. It was then that she realized that people were applauding. She looked up, and people were watching, clapping, and whistling for the hero and his wife. Sheepishly, she slid off of him, but kept tucked near him, hugging him tightly. "I missed you so god damned much…"

Say Say Oh Playmate || Dom Verse

Cal was tired, but pleased. She’d spent the day before tidying up and cleaning things for the play date. As a Dom, Cal was always sure to make every experience with every playmate eventful, exciting, and satisfying, especially the first time. She thought things with Damien had went quite well, he was energetic, grateful, boyish, and she believed he was a little bit star-struck with her. She always thought it was cute to have fans over to play, it was nice to make dreams come true.

After an active night, it was nice to relax with the boys, Shane dutifully painting her fingernails while Damien slaved away eagerly on her toes. He kept grinning, almost to himself, giddy to be serving his idol. 

"This is a pretty color, Ma’am." He grinned up at her, and Cal couldn’t help but chuckle. She didn’t even want to scold him for using Ma’am instead of Miss because he was being so sweet, but it was clear that he was very very new to the lifestyle. 

"Shane, don’t miss the edges," She scolded. "You’re usually so good about that." She gave a disappointed look at her fingernails and turned her attention to the glass of wine in her other hand.

Monster Inside Me

It had been at least a week, and Cal’s whole body still ached. She hadn’t slept well, only when she could cry herself to sleep, and she’d resorted to self-destructive behavior to vent her confusion and frustration. She would forget to eat, forget to shower, then travel to the kitchen and binge in the middle of the night like a zombie. There was something about sitting in the darkness with only the glow of the refrigerator light that comforted her, but she still missed Shane. She needed him, she knew it, but it took her more than seven days to bring herself back to him.

She showered but left with her hair mostly wet, and no makeup. Her phone had died within the first two days, and she let it, not charging it. She didn’t want to talk to Shane or anybody, and she hoped he hadn’t told anybody. Her body rocked limply with the truck as it pulled into his driveway, and she walked into the house as if in a trance.

She returned to his room like it was her own. Never knocking. Never calling. Just walking, lest she pause in it and turn around and disappear again. Shane was laying on the bed, asleep, but the sheets suggested restlessness. She crawled up at the foot of the bed and went to him, falling between his legs with her head on his stomach, exhausted, weak, and giving up.

M!A: Seein' Thangs || Calicho

Shane had somehow made his way over to Cal’s house despite the near constant flashing in and out of lucidity. By this time he ditched the entire knocking method and walked in, making a b-line for the basement. Making it to the bottom of the stairs he found call laid on her bed, oblivious to his presence because of the head phones in here ears.

He braced himself as the image warped and and his lips where on her neck, making their way down to her collar while his hands explored things unseen. His feet carried him, clearing the distance between the stairway and the bed. He reached out for Cal’s arm.

theharbringerofflames-archive asked:

"Cal, babe?" Shane called. He checked around before entering the room itself. "Cal?" He said, stopping short of the bathroom. Entering, he knelt down and pulled back the curtain. "Cal, what's wrong, babe?" He Reached out to touch her lightly.

"Go away, please…" She whimpered, the warm water dampening her thick, dark hair and laying it over her face like a veil. She heard footsteps near her. "Shane…"

It was a day couldn’t take anymore, feeling fat and ugly and pathetic. She didn’t want anyone to see her cry, and had even attempted to put on a happy front when Shane came over. She didn’t have the heart to tell him not to come when he’d finally gotten time off of work.

When he kissed her, though, his lips felt bitter on hers. She didn’t deserve to be kissed. She didn’t deserve to be loved.

So she said she had to take a shower and escaped, trying to compose herself but wound up curled up, sobbing on the floor.

The curtain pulled back and she tensed, not wanting to be seen like this. She was more vulnerable than she’d ever allowed herself to be around Shane, nude, sobbing, so profoundly insecure with herself and filled with self-loathing.

"Shane, LEAVE!" She barked, though the aggressive tone was mixed with a sob. She reached out and yanked the curtain back into place furiously.

theharbringerofflames-archive asked:

Shane: [MMS;PictureMail; Pup] Well then, Cal, you tryna tell me somethin'? Anna: [text; RJ] Uhm, well I just wanted to know if the paper was done yet but okay, that's nice too, very nice.

[What’s funny is Cal’s wasn’t an accident but what’s sad is RJ was probably crying and desperately trying to delete the pictures off the phone but accidentally sent it to Anna because he got distracted by her message and couldn’t see too clearly through the tears.]

I’ll never be your mother’s favorite
Your daddy can’t even look me in the eye
Ooh, if I was in their shoes, I’d be doing the same thing
Sayin’ “There goes my little girl
Walkin’ with that troublesome guy”

But they’re just afraid of something they can’t understand
Ooh, but little darlin’ watch me change their minds
Yeah for you I’ll try, I’ll try, I’ll try, I’ll try
I’ll pick up these broken pieces ‘til I’m bleeding
If that’ll make you mine

iamarmandthevampire-deactivated asked:

I'm honoured we have shippers. Armand does love Cal. He really does care about her and I think that if given time he could find those feelings develop into something more.

There you have it, Anon. Armand loves Cal and the Calmand ship has potential. (Curious to see if it would be in one verse or both, hmmm…) 

They’re so cute together though, whether romantically or not.