I’m going to make an angry post and then retreat to watch Netflix/have dinner and come back later to sluice it out

I’ve seen a post going around saying Eridan killed Feferi in self-defense and that is bs

Eridan had already attacked her matesprit. She had no way of knowing that he wasn’t already going to attack her, since she’d refused to join him and he’d basically said ‘if you’re not with me you’re against me’. His plan also involved going to Jack, who could then follow his trail back to the meteor and kill everyone on board. So Feferi, very reasonably, goes for her weapon. She is protecting herself, her KO’d matesprit, and everyone else on the meteor. And Eridan kills her. That is not self-defense for him

Also, I’ll note that Eridan KO’d Sollux and killed Feferi. Now, maybe he didn’t know quite how his weapon worked. That’s possible. But Hope is an Aspect about belief and desire. What you want becomes reality. So personally I do think he wanted her dead. ‘We belong together’, he said, and he couldn’t stand her exerting her agency and saying no.

Either way, please stop pretending his actions were anything other than murder. This fandom (I guess fandoms as a whole) really likes to exonerate male characters while blaming the females for everything, and that’s a pretty shitty thing to do.

I think I’ve said this before (I know I’ve destroyed the ‘Sollux started it and Eridan was so provoked the poor baby had no choice but to murder two people’ argument) but I will keep repeating it as long as I keep seeing posts of that nature. 

I thought my aesthetic might change this winter, but no, it’s just going to get blacker and drapier and I’m going to look more like a space ghost (not the Space Ghost, but a space ghost, as in a ghost from space).


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1) What’s your favourite book/movie/show?

Favourite show - avatar: the last airbender, favourite book - the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime (Mark Haddon), favourite movie - Whip It and Lost in Translation

2) If you could time travel, what is the one thing you would do?

Hmm… go visit the future and see how I’m doing/ how society is going. I think that would be more interesting than going to the past. 

3) If you have the power to change one thing in this world, what will it be?

Poverty, probably. I think fixing that would fast track us to fixing everything else

4) Have you ever love or lost a love?

2 year anniversary with my girlfriend in 2 months don’t touch me im a squishy romantic nerd :3

5) Whats the best thing that happened to you this recently?

I got a job at a really nice burger place and everyone is really nice. I had my second shift last night. It will be nice to have some money finally

6) What did you eat for your previous meal?

A chocolate bar. Don’t try this at home, kids. I have three years experience as a poor university student

7) If you can live wherever you want, (including space, another planet, north pole), where would you choose?

I’ve never been to Japan, I’d really live to go there and live, not just be a tourist. I want to teach english in japan. 

8) Sun, rain or snow?

I like cold weather :)

9) Do you play or would like to play any musical instruments? If so, what instrument is it.

Naah im too lazy. I’ve played lots of instruments in the past but gave them all up after not long cos I’m not that interested. Being good at guitar or piano or drums or making music on the computer would be really cool but I’d rather spend all that time writing or something else. I want to take singing lessons, though, that would be fun and I would work hard at it.

10) If you can attain one superpower, what will you like to have?

Shapeshifting. Be anyone, look like anything. That or being able to attain knowledge by being near people (like Prodigy from New Mutants/ Young Avengers, except I won’t turn evil). Either of those and I can just be a super awesome person and like contribute to society and get rich and donate it all to charity.

11) Who do you look up to?

Hmmm. I think I can learn something from anyone. This is a really good question… but idk if I have anyone in particular :/


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  2. What is the picture on your desktop?
  3. Favourite Harry Potter character?
  4. Something that made you happy recently.
  5. Something you forgave somebody for.
  6. What do you want to eat right now?
  7. Who do you live with?
  8. Is there a movie coming out in the next year or so that you are excited for?
  9. A food you used to hate but like now.
  10. Put your music player on random, what’s the third song to play?
  11. A song you listened to too many times, and now you don’t like it any more.

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Big shout out to 4chan for their collective Caliborn cosplay. You’ve really captured the whole “barely competent spoiled manchild who causes damage not through coherent planning but through the sheer mass of your thrashing, flailing idiocy” aesthetic. Well done.