Okay, so as some of you SO CALians know, an 18 year old male by the name of Jesse Yuth passed away tragically in a hiking/ diving accident.
What you guys don’t know is that Jesse Yuth went to my school and though I didn’t have a deeply personal relationship with him, I still knew him.
His grieving family needs your help guys, this man was taken way to soon and they just don’t have the money to cover all the expenses. Jesse was truly an amazing guy and his family needs us. Anything you can afford will help. So please, please consider. And if you can’t donate, please pass along this link.

My Characters (Dragon Age Origins)

Though I should make a quick Character Page(s) (just to be on the safe side)

Elissa Cousland - Rogue/Archer

Black hair - in a low bun (Mod)/Coiled Braids (Vanilla)

Dark Blue Eyes

Romances Alistair

Becomes the Dark Wolf

Aedan Cousland - Warrior/Sword&Shield

Dark brown hair (Spiked)

Dark Brown Eyes

Romances Morrigan

(In one playthrough he marries Anora)

Solona Amell - Mage/Ice

Dark Red Hair (Short due to her inability with Fire)

Dark Green Eyes

Headcanon - dies at the Circle protecting Cullen

Playthrough - Dies by Archdemon

Neria Surna - Mage/Earth

Long Blonde Hair

Light Green Eyes

Romances - Leliana

Alistair Dies

(Although I have this fascination of her with Calian)

Lyna Mahariel - Warrior/Sword&Shield

Dark Brown Hair (Short)

Light Brown Eyes

Dies by Archdemon due to her grief over losing Tamlen

Alistair becomes King

Theron Mahariel - Warrior/Two-Handed

Dark Blonde Hair (Spiked)

Dark Green Eyes

Romances Zevran 

Alistair dies

Kallian Tabris - Rogue/Daggers/Bombs+Poison+Traps

Dark Brown Hair (Long)

Dark Brown Eyes

Romances Carver Hawke

Alistair Dies

Sereda Aeducan - Warrior/Sword&Shield

Light Blonde Hair

Light Grey Eyes

Alistair dies

Faren Brosca - Rogue/Daggers

Dark Red Hair

Light Blue Eyes

Does the Dark Ritual

Alistair is King