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"Don’t care no price I’ll cop it b" The new Ben Blundell part.

Do you know what’s awesome? When people are encouraged to explore their sexuality in a healthy way, including honest information about accessing family planning services. Do you know what isn’t awesome? People who tell women who are in vulnerable positions what to do with their lives.

They are linked to evangelicals and I feel like they probably aren’t so honest about what happens during and after an abortion. I kind of want to go in and ask them some questions after hearing about so-called crisis centres in the States that preach about the pure evils of abortion and try to convince women that having their clump of cells develop no matter what the circumstances is the right choice because God made it so.

One of the great parts of looking at so-called Pro-Life and pro-abstinence sites - as opposed to awesomer sites like and - is seeing how old most of the research they cite is. At​/pregnancy/stats.cfm none of the sources are from my lifetime. Pretty sure we haven’t changed our views on anything since 1983… This one, for example: Gravity Teen Pregnancy Stats

Hasn’t the link between abortion and breast cancer been discounted as a huge myth by all reputable national cancer associations? Why do groups like Option Line still lie to and scare women who are considering abortions?

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Random night in #calgz! #meth #metal #thumbgun #bongoboard 🚬💀🍻💊

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