So I found this cool game-site-thing

It looks cool anyways. It’s called Nation States and it seems mostly forum based. I dont really understand it, but you start off by creating a nation, but it’s characteristics are determined mostly by answering initial questions. You also get to pick its name and government type. As well as it’s motto, currency, flag and National Animal. I wrote in the Feral Highland Pug, and most of the stuff I wrote in was gibberish that sounded cool in my head. 


My Nation, based on the mini-questionnaire is a Scandinavian liberal paradise. sweet. And my people seem happy. Hopefully I don’t fuck this up for them.

My Predictions for Misters of the Philippines 2014

My Predictions for Misters of the Philippines 2014

The six (6) guys above complete my Top 14

The 26 Hopefuls in Formal Wear (Photo credit: Lito Caleon for fabmanilaph)

Tomorrow night, four (4) Filipino gentlemen will be selected to represent the country in international male pageants abroad and be, henceforth, called

Misters of the Philippines 2014


While my forecast for the finals looks pretty much cut-and-dry, I actually have reasons in…

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