All worn out from playing allll morning. Now resting and nursing before his afternoon nap. #calebleon #breastfeeding #breastfeedingisbeautiful #breastfeedingisnatural #breastisbest #normalizebreastfeeding #naturalparenting #mommysmilk #milkontap #humanmilkforhumanbabies #humanmilk #momstagram

Caleb is now 4 days old. Man the time went by so quickly.

Today he took (is still taking) his longest nap. Around 4 hours. Only to wake up twice to feed. He wet his onesie 3 times today due to the fact that we didn’t put the diaper on correctly. He also got his second sponge bath today.

He doesn’t poop meconium anymore, now it’s green and soft. His circumcision is healing really well. It’s not red anymore, thank god. We still put on the load petroleum jelly on his tip and on his diaper. Daddy almost put his diaper on backwards twice today also lol.

His belly button stump is also healing really well, all I do is clean it with rubbing alcohol and a precision q-tip.

 He has a lot of milia on his face and some parts of his body. I’m not worried about them because I know a lot of newborns have them. His dad is concerned though, but I told him is normal. 

Man he’s growing up way too fast for me. I want him to stay tiny. lol