Writer’s Block is Just an Excuse for Broken Storytelling

Writer’s block is just an excuse for broken storytelling. That’s the name of an article I wrote a while back for a site called The article, in so many words, says that the reason a writer gets stuck is not a spontaneous drain of energy or a mysterious lack of motivation. Writer’s block is simply a symptom of denial. Writer’s block is the writer’s intuition declaring that the story sucks and you need to fix it.

Share in the comments below: what has been your hardest bout of writer’s block and what did you do to cure it?



The Sound of Loneliness by Craig Wallwork book review

Craig Wallwork’s The Sound of Loneliness (Perfect Edge Books) takes the concept of a tired, alcoholic, depressed writer and recesses it a generation or so, using a 22 year old protagonist with 52 year old problems.

Much of the story’s tension lies between this 22 year old Daniel Crabtree and his teenage infatuation Emma, a tension that similar to Lolita, is meant to rouse conflict, but unlike Lolita, the age and maturity difference between the two characters is such that the reader can imagine the two characters actually working out, given another decade.

Also, I manage to work in a Roseanne reference which makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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