Homework help?

I can’t solve problems about parent/daughter isotopes for this concordia plot because I don’t know calculus!! Help me!! 

For example, where λ is the decay constant of 238U (1.55x10^-10)

and time would be 500,000,000 years,

and the equation I am trying to use is 206pb/238u = e^λt - 1, to find 206pb/238u amount in an ideal condition given a certain time.

Please help I really don’t know what I’m doing

This was one of those the-process-is-the-product kinds of pages.

Don’t ask why “Chinese finger traps” are involved. They just are. Trust me on this.

Anyway, got paid today. So for lack of better ways of taking advantage of that in a financially irresponsible way, I just dropped $30 on, like… 8 used math/physics books? Sweeeet.