calaveras county

Lorenzo A. Barnes (Artemus L. Benjamin - given name).  (1900)

"Old Batch" , a Mexican War veteran, arrived in California in 1850 to take part in the gold rush.  He settled in Calaveras County where he lived near Natural Bridges.  Old Batch would often give tours to people on their way to Big Trees State Park.

This photo was taken at  the 1900 reunion of Native Sons in San Francisco

I just finished reading this book. It’s about the meth problem in my county and surrounding counties with a focus on crime. Some of the stories were really heartbreaking. There were stories of child murder, abuse and neglect, burglary and prostitution, gunfights and police chases all fueled by meth. I think the story that hit me the hardest was about the mysterious death of a 15 year old boy in West Point. If you live near me or in any rural area, I recommend this book. 

Calaveras Big Trees. Bob Salton and George Haas in the opening through the ‘Pioneers’ Cabin’.  W.H. Wirt, photographer (1933)

George F. Haas was born in Westport, Mendocino County. In 1933, hitchhiked to Calaveras Big Trees State Park where he was employed. By 1934, Haas became head park ranger, serving until 1935. While working here, he compiled history from original settlers to region into book, Guide to the Calaveras Big Trees.

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