IIII just realized I forgot to leave this here. Tiger asked me to design a furred lizard pirate for her based on this. He came out more of a dragon, but oh well. u_u

This is Calamy, the cabin boy of my sky pirate crew… and the ship recently received the name “La Llorona.” But… Calamy belongs to Tiger and is precious and that is all I have to say.

anonymous said:

Quindi, se io uso il preservativo e la mia ragazza prendesse la pillola potremmo trombare come conigi?

Lapsus calami da slow clap…però questo significherebbe trombare veramente troppo poco.

anonymous said:

Mi sento uno schifo più totale. Ho lasciato il mio ragazzo perché mi avevano detto che gli facevo pena. Però ci tengo un casino a lui. Oggi è venuto davanti a scuola mia e ha baciato la sua ex (non me) davanti a me. Mi sento morire. Volevo sfogarmi con qualcuno. Ho il cuore in mille pezzi. Voglio solo morire.

Tesoro calami un secondo e prova a pensare bene a lui fai pena? Ma non ha capito che stai male e che hai bisogno di aiuto. Non lo ha capito quindi puoi Salutarlo perché si merita solo quello. So che ci tieni perché è successo una cosa simile a me e sinceramente non ti merita. Poi un’altra cosa ha baciato un altra? Si vede quanto ci tiene a te. Salutalo e basta perché si merita anche il cuore spezzato come a te. E tu tesoro dedicati più tempo perché qua l’unica persona che deve prendersi cura di te sei tu stessa. Semmai parlarne con tua madre a me ha aiutato moltissimo penso che anche a te possa funzionare. Un abbraccio immenso.


                                “are you really asking for my say on your outfit?
                               i don’t know i think you look fine, but i’ve been
                               saying that for the last three outfits, so i guess
                               you look okay?”

it was obvious reagan had no idea what he was doing.
the other had been getting dressed for almost two hours
now & still looking for something to wear. it wasn’t like
they were going anywhere special. hell they were going
out to dinner at a casual place. it didn’t take this much
time to get dressed. all they had to do was throw on a 
pair of jeans and a shirt, boom. 

Sous les jupes des filles

Sous les jupes des filles

Sous les jupes des filles

Audrey Dana 2014

Hystérie quand tu nous tiens !

Audrey Dana nous présente sa vision des femmes et c’est totalement has-been, voir sexiste. Heureusement le casting est bon et les comédiennes s’amusent, Marina Hands en femme  jalouse et hystérique, nous fait un vrai show.

Les dialogues sont mauvais et les situations caricaturales. Le sexe, les fringues et un peu de romance…

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The story’s time of year will dictated by the life cycle of the Cosmia Calami. They “hatch” midsummer. So, Lila will arrive midsummer and stay in the house for one year before it is torn down. 

En typographie, les fautes (omission, addition ou inversion de lettres) s’appellent des coquilles (origine indéterminée).

"Rien ne nous empêche de considérer les erreurs typographiques comme des lapsus calami du compositeur, aussi bien motivés que les erreurs d’écriture proprement dites." Freud, in Psychopathologie de la vie quotidienne

First Page
Panel 1: Suitcase being rolled across a broken road through grass and stuff.
Panel 2: Shows the hand of a person holding the handle of the suitcase.
Panel 3: Natural shot (mostly) of the environment and a cosmia calami.
Panel 4: Shadow of Lila pulling her suitcase.
Panel 5: Shadow of Lila stumbles and says ” F — “

((COSMIA CALAMI- You might find moths in your basements, crawlspaces, closets and pantries. They prefer darker areas and typically avoid lighter areas. You should expect to find them in your basements, attics, closets, and crawlspaces. They can even end up in your clothing and do a lot of damage.))

Page Two:
Panel 1: Shot of Lila from behind facing the house.
Panel 2: Sets case upright on the ground.
Panel 3: Cautiously approaches house.
Panel 4: Peeks through the window.
Panel 5: Inside shot of old, dusty house. (to the right)
Panel 6: Inside shot of old, dusty house. (to the left)

Page Three:
Panel 1: Puts hand on door knob.
Panel 2: Slowly twists w/metal clicking sounds.
Panel 3: Inside shot of house through crack in the door.
Panel 4:  Squishes face through the crack in the door and mumbles ” hello?”
Panel 5: Wider shot of room.
Panel 6: Lila is standing in the entryway. ” Hello? “