For the last days I have been participating in this years CAL conference in Manchester. I presented the abstract “Interaction between learners in an interactive learning environment”. It was my first conference presentation. It sure is difficult to present your work in 15 minutes, when you can talk for hours. I have learned that it is important to be very clear and deliver your points and findings in a eatable format.

Before going I was quite excited about the conference program and it was fulfilled. I was inspired by some of the presentation and I feel encouraged to continue with my research. New research contacts were made to people from Belgium and UK. I hope we can establish collaboration and some sort of knowledge sharing across national Borders, educational systems and interest.

In general I liked the conference, but I believe that it takes time to become part of the CAL community. Furthermore to understand the UK educational system, because most researcher had this context as an implicit reference point. There sure is a lot to learn and indeed there are many differences between education in UK and Denmark. However I am sure that we can learn a lot from each others settings and educational systems.

I will be back - hopefully with more findings to share about ict for childrens learning and teacher development.