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Can I have a jock!Calum blurb where the reader is a nerd and he asks her out but she thinks it's a joke, so Cal invites her to his next soccer game and gives her one of his jerseys to wear maybe end it with reader kissing him? Thank you <3

Sorry that is late I didn’t have my laptop at the time. I think you requested this before but requests were closed and it got lost in my asks I’m so sorry. 

Okay so you would be walking around school with some of your friends and then the jocks push past you. And Calum would stare down at you, as if time slowed and he would just turn your head. His friends would notice and they would just laugh like , "What are you looking at Cal? The nerd? Is she really that ugly?" In an instant you would turn because they always teased, and it was literally to the point where you could cry or the other girls would bring you away. Calum usually just stares, even laugh, most of them time but this time it’s different. He gives one of his friends a glare and grabs his arm to pull him away. His friend’s suddenly are shocked by the action. "What’s wrong Hood? Do you actually feel sorry for her? "They question as they captain is staring at you. You, with your round glasses and the books tight against your chest. He exhales and suddenly his veiny neck and arms tighten against the guys arm. "Listen, would you please just shut the fuck up and leave her,"He literally puts emphasis when he says “her”, "alone. She just wants to walk around and be harmless, seriously she’s done nothing to you. You’re such a fucking prick! I swear…"Everyone around that hears are shocked to see that star forward and team captain Calum Hood is defending some no name loser like yourself (no offense). "And what are you gonna do about it?"The other guy hissed. Then he simply just shrugs his shoulders and grabs your arm. Mumbling a come on before walking next to you. You almost smile as you look at the taller male, the guy whom you have liked forever and he just became a knight in shining armour. "Hey, sorry about them. And erm like my yelling… I just had enough of seeing him, being so mean to you. And the guys just laughing."You sigh and say it was no big deal. Even though IT IS, because Calum Hood. As is he is reading your mind he responds with, "IT IS. I mean no one should be mean someone as erm.. you know pretty as you."And suddenly his squishy cheeks are just blushing he slowly brings his hand back to arm that he touched. "You look shocked…was that weird?"As you shake your head no Calum just smiles like a fool. Then an idea pops in his head. "Our quarter final game is today. Do you maybe, wanna I don’t know be my good luck charm?"Now you’re completely shocked because you know what the means. When girl’s are some guys good luck charm you get to wear their gear. "Um…if you really want me to." "Sweet."He’s almost like a giddy school girl as he brings you around the corner to his locker and he grabs his jersey . First off you find it cute that he smells it first and then hands it to you. The musky scent literally filling every space around you. And without warning he hands you his jacket as well, his name and number at the back. " See you after school."So then school ends and you’re there in the stands, Calum was already searching for you and when he finally sees you he comes up to you. "Good luck." "Thanks, but I’ll have since you’re here."You both laugh before he goes back down to field. And by the end of the game, after cheering everytime your school scored (especially when Calum scored, they won. 7-4. You rush down to meet Calum and immediately he lifts you. Completely happy, and you both are breathing heavy. It’s like time slows as he sets you down and he leans closer. Your lips are pressed against his chap ones and suddenly he pulls away. “Can you be my good luck charm more often?” “You mean like a girlfriend?” “Even better.”

don’t put them to bed yet dad don’t u see cal is still awake at least

twin striders, older bro john, and dad/adoptive dad egbert for piyo

some of you may remember this, since i’ve been working on it on and off somewhat sporadically since her birthday back in early december haha yes all of my birthday gifts are appallingly late including my girlfriend’s i’m so sorry

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