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guys why isnt anyone listening to Ashton? he just wants to DANCE #5SOSGMA


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Ashton falling off a chair… 



(not my gifs, just my edit)

You’d been dating Michael for almost a year when the public found out and responded very well. You two were very jokingly mean to each other, but also hopeless romantics. Almost everyone loved the ship and the ship name was very well-known by the fans. 

Luke begging you to take him back.

You and Luke hadn’t talked to each other since he made out with that other blonde girl, which was a four days ago. You hadn’t even replied to his texts or answered his calls. You heard a knock on your apartment door, and there standing infront of you was Luke, wearing black ripped jeans and a white shirt with some logo on it, he had slight stubble growth and his hair was messy but cute. You missed the attractive sight of his lip ring inbetween his teeth.
“Hey, can I come in?” He asks.
You nod and open the door for him to walk in. He sits on the sofa, and you sit next to him.
“I have a lot to tell you so if you can please just listen for maybe a few minutes.” He says, getting sheets of paper out of his pocket, all with a page full of words.
“[Y/N], I love every single thing about you. I love you your gorgeous eyes, I love your cute nose, your soft lips, and your fruity smelling hair, I love your boobs,” He laughs slightly and I smile,”I love your long eyelashes, your small hands, your hugs, your kisses, I love the way you screw up your nose when you don’t like something and the way you click your fingers when your nervous, I love your cooking, how you tell me to put the toilet seat down after I’ve been to the toilet because you hate it when you go to pee and the toilet seat is up, I love every little memory we’ve had together, I love you.” He finishes. You have tears in your eyes, but the question still remains in your head, and escapes your lips “Then why did you make out with that other girl?”
“I was drunk, I don’t know, God…[Y/N], I moaned your name and then it stopped.”
“You moaned my name?” You laugh.
He nods and you smile.
“I love you Luke, but if this happens once more…”
“It won’t I promise.”
Luke leans in to kiss you, his soft lips are posed on yours. You feel the cold sting of his lip ring, dipping into your warm lips and it’s over all too quick.

Ashton talks about you on an interview for the first time.

"So, you’ve got your massive tour coming up!" The interviewer smiles.
“Yeah, we’re really looking forward to it.” Michael nods.
“We love the whole touring thing, it’s fun.” Luke says, looking at the rest of the boys.
“Good, good…how is [Y/N], we’ve seen you and her around together!” The interviewer asks Ashton. She wasn’t really supposed to, but Ashton answers anyway.
“Yeah, she’s really good,” He smiles at the thought of you. “She makes me so happy and I’m hoping she’ll come on tour with us soon.” He grins.
“So are you to officially dating?”
“Yeah, we’ve been officially dating for about 3 months and honestly they’ve been the best 3 months of my life.” He chuckles slightly, his cheeks pink.
“They FaceTime and text and God knows what else everyday.” Michael laughs.
“Sext.” Calum coughs.
Ashton’s cheeks flush, and the interviewer laughs.
“And do you all like [Y/N]?” She asks.
“Yeah, she’s such an amazing person, she’s so funny and honestly she deserves Ashton and Ashton deserves her.” Luke smiles.
Calum and Michael nod, “She gets on with us really well, we play video games together and stuff.”
“So you’re all close?”
“Yeah, she’s like part of the band I guess.” Ashton smiles, and the other boys nod, smiling too.
“If you’re watching this [Y/N], I love you.” Ashton waves at the camera.
“You mean we love you.” Luke chuckles.