All five

Rating; R

Smut; Hella

Warning; smut, cursing, the usual

My boyfriend Luke said he had a surprise for me later on in the evening in honor of my birthday, I could only imagine what it would be a shopping spree like last year of maybe one of his joke presents like a striper in a cake. Either I was excited to find out he told me a little bit saying we were going to meet up with the boys which made me even more excited since we had all grown pretty close since I was dating Luke.

As I was getting ready later the night for my surprise I over heard Luke on the phone in the next room.

“Hey Ash you got everything on your side covered?” Luke asked “Yeah, yeah I’m good over here”

“I can’t wait she’s gonna love it” Luke said excitedly as he hung the phone up “Babe you ready yet?” He yelled from the next room

“Yep, just gotta grab my shoes and I’m ready. I replied.

I picked my shoes up from the floor in the bedroom and found Luke already downstairs waiting for me, he smiled when he looked up from his phone and saw me all dressed up

“You look great, princess.” He told me and I smiled in return

“But since this is a surprise I’m gonna have to take extra precautions.” He stood behind me and brought a blindfold down over my eyes tying the back.

Luke walked me out to the car and helped me in making sure I didn’t fall. We drove for what seemed like ages until the car finally stopped and Luke aided me into a quiet location. He walked me up a flight of stairs, which was an ordeal being blindfolded and all. He opened the door to a quiet room and sat me on a bed while I waited for him to undo my blindfold. When he finally did I saw I was in an empty bedroom in Ashtons house with the boys and Luke

“What’s going on guys is this part of the surprise?” I asked

"You look good, Y/N.." Ashton said, his eyes wandering over me in unison with the other boys..

"Thank you.. But that doesn’t really answer my question" I say, flattered by his compliment but still confused by the whole situation

Luke spoke up “Listen, kitten. You probably don’t remember, but about a month ago I heard you on the phone with your friend saying you wouldn’t mind well pretty much fucking all the other guys.”

“Oh um.. yeah I guess I kinda remember that. What’s it to you?” It was pretty obvious where he was going but I just wanted to hear him say it

“So I talked to all the guys and they said they’d also like to get in with you.” He further explained

“Luke hemming are you telling me you arranged a five way for my birthday?” I rhetorically asked but he nodded anyways “You know this is why I love you.” I said standing up to kiss him

“Hey you’re suppose to share, this is a fivesome, remember.” Michael whined like a little kid

“I”m sorry Mikey.” I fake pouted and went over to kiss him as we started to harshly make out.

Ashton came behind me and unzipped the back of my dress slipping it off of my shoulders  as I broke away from Michael leaving me in my bra and underwear

"Show us more?" Calum asked, his face flushed as he smirked at Michael and Luke

With slight hesitation, I glanced at Luke his face smirking as I reached behind my self to unhook my bra and expose myself, a smile coming across my face as I adored the looks from them I was receiving..

"Let’s have a little fun.." Michael said his eyes staring at my boobs

Slowly laying on the bed, I lowered onto my back and spread my legs.. All four of them walking over to me already  hard and willing to do whatever I wanted

"Do as we say." Ashton demanded as he was always the ‘daddy’ of the group.

"Yes sir." I say flicking my eyes from Luke to Calum to Michael to Ashton and then back one last time at Luke.

"She’s already soaking.." Michael said slipping his fingers into my heat.

"Because the anticipation is killing me." I breathed out as Calum began to play with my exposed chest. Ashton kissed down my stomach and Luke pulled off my underwear,by this time all four of them were naked

Luke towered over me as he brought himself to my lips and commanded me “Suck.” he demanded and I obliged

"Fuck." Luke breathed out as I got to work, Ashton  switched places with Michael and licked slowly up my center, using his tongue perfectly,  focusing on the right places as I arched my back, Luke’s member still in my mouth

"Jerk me and Calum off." Michael said, his lips sucking sweetly on my neck causing a hickey to appear.

Taking Calum in my left hand and Michael in my right, my fingers were slicked with their pre-cum as they throbbed against my hands..

"Damn, Y/N." Ashton said, his hands gripping my hips as he helped me ride out my first orgasm.

"You taste amazing." he said wiping his mouth before teasing my entrance with the tip of his cock..

"Luke are you okay with this?" Ashton asked, I couldn’t have wanted  him inside me more.

"Lets make her beg for it, ash." Michael said as soon as Luke told Ashton he was okay with it as long as I was.

I felt Luke’s eyes on me as I focused on Ashton entering me, his grip tightening as he stared back at me hungrily.

"I want it, Ash.."

"What do you want, Y/N?" he asked, his tip still teasing my clit

"I want you to fuck me, I want all four of you to fuck me into oblivion." I moaned as I longed for all of them to be inside of me

"Suck." Luke said, forcing his dick back into my mouth and silencing me as I felt Ash squeeze inside.

"God damn.. She feels amazing boys." Ash moaned out, his thrusts quick as he sent me close to the cumming

Within ten minute Ashton had pulled out, his cum landing on the floor as he cursed..

"You ready for me kitten?" Michael said, positioning himself at my entrance and placing both of my legs over his shoulders

"Yes sir." I say continuing to stroke Calum as Ash moved out of the way, looking completely out of it.

Slamming into me with a thud, the tip of Michael’s cock hit the right spot with ease. Michael knew exactly what he was doing, and he caused me to reach my seconds climax in no time. With the help of his deep strokes and fingers rubbing circles around my clit I let out a loud moan as I released, he soon pulling out and coming on my stomach

"Fuck me hard, Cal." I said not wanting to waste time with having to beg  as he entered me at a slow and m taunting  pace..

Ashton was right by my ear, whispering dirty remarks in my ear and rubbing my clit as the same tightening feeling in my stomach returned.

"Shit." Calum said, the profanity leaving his lips right as he pulled out, his cum shooting on my thigh as Luke cleaned it off for me with a tissue and motioned Calum aside.

"On your knees." he said, grabbing a fist full of my hair and pulling my head back so that my back was arched..

Leaning over me from behind, he ran his cock over my entrance teasing me as his lips lowered over my ear.

Whispering a throaty groan, Luke said “Tell me I’m your favorite.”

“You’re my favorite.” I told him. He gently pressed into me Luke gained a moderate pace, his hand remaining wadded up in my hair as the feelings of him inside me became intoxicating..

Slamming into me repeatedly, his lips trailed down my back as his breathing was growing quick to match his pace..

The feeling in my stomach returned, the feeling much stronger in the past as I felt Luke dip his fingers down onto my swollen clit and quickly rub it..

"Holy fuck." the three boys who were watching said to the side as I let out a loud moan.

Pulling out of me quickly, Luke shot out on my back, his cum warm as it landed various places on my skin.. Wiping me off, he slapped my ass playfully before handing me one of his shirts to put on..

"Was It good?” Michael asked, his concern adorable as he was insecure with his performance.

"It was amazing.." I said.. my eyes finding Luke where he gave me another wink that I loved so much.