The “Regular Time” Cake

Hey, when’s the last time you got a birthday cake as cool as this one made for young Alex? Never, maybe? A big thumbs up to the folks at Cakerator in Raleigh for taking neo-rama’s crossover fan art to delectable extremes. (Make sure you check the “Regular Time” post for more photos.)

And Happy Birthday, Alex! Save us a piece.

Thanks to Zack Smith for the heads up.

Bakers gonna bake bake bake bake bake

Takers gonna take take take take take

Cakers gonna cake cake cake cake cake

Makers gonna make make make make make

Tectonic plates gonna quake quake quake quake quake

Saturday Spotlight on The Caker, Jordan Rondel. This is her Virtuous Carrot Cake. The sweetness comes from fresh + dried fruit used. I skipped out on the maple syrup and did not miss it for a second! You could also swap the cream cheese icing for dairy-free banana icecream to boost the health factor further.  

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