The “Regular Time” Cake

Hey, when’s the last time you got a birthday cake as cool as this one made for young Alex? Never, maybe? A big thumbs up to the folks at Cakerator in Raleigh for taking neo-rama’s crossover fan art to delectable extremes. (Make sure you check the “Regular Time” post for more photos.)

And Happy Birthday, Alex! Save us a piece.

Thanks to Zack Smith for the heads up.

sakura-memento asked:

omg I didn't think you would actually follow me ! I love your pets theyre so cute and inspires me to have a lot of animals when I have a place of my own! I have a western hognose rn that's solely my pet and then my family has a dog and cat :O but I love them all equally and give them as many kisses as possible. my snake's name is Dipper, our dog's name is Tessa, and my cat's name is Cakers and they send u lots of luv !

Awww of course I would follow you! Im glad that you enjoy my pets (they are super cute if I do say so myself!). What’s your dream pet for when you do have your own home? ^.^ Your pets all have fantastic names and I’m so jealous, I would love a hognose!

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