The “Regular Time” Cake

Hey, when’s the last time you got a birthday cake as cool as this one made for young Alex? Never, maybe? A big thumbs up to the folks at Cakerator in Raleigh for taking neo-rama’s crossover fan art to delectable extremes. (Make sure you check the “Regular Time” post for more photos.)

And Happy Birthday, Alex! Save us a piece.

Thanks to Zack Smith for the heads up.

Alright! Yaya! Ive been tagged by crazy-melomaniac the dmmd godess!

1. Your nickname
answer: my family calls me cakers

2. Your eye colour
answer: dark dark brown

3. Your hair colour
answer: whether its dark dark brown or black

4. One fact about you
answer: i think the most prettiest thing on a persons body is their eyes

5. Favorite colour
answer: indigo

6. Favorite place
answer: barns and nobles!

7. Favorite celebrity answer: Sony moore..i think ( A.K.A skrillex )

8. Favorite animal
answer: goats

9. Favorite song
answer: idk there is so many

10. Favorite book
answer: idk….

and im too lazy to tag so anybody can do this if they want to!

Here we are! The “Clashers”. Competing for the cherry on top that delicious, over-indulgent, “know you should stop eating” sundae, but we just can’t stop. We are the Top 6! And what’s on the line is a chance for our very own show, about sweets! 

Learn more about us here: 

It’s been an incredible journey thus far. All unfolding faster than the speed needed to whisk my egg-whites! 

I was told of the show in a first-time meeting with fellow “cakers” in Manila. I had already considered the meeting alone a great accomplishment in my little old lonely world of bakers. There’s not many people I can text at 3:00am with a “OMG my ganache isn’t setting and my fondant keeps bubbling” rant, that would understand my frustration!

Later, discussing this audition with my better half (the real brains behind the facade of CynfullySweets!) it was decided that I would find a way to make it happen. Enter Patient Zero Inc. - The masters behind my 5 minute audition reel. 

Then came the waiting game.

I had learnt of making it to the baker’s dozen while visiting family in Toronto. It was great!! My 6 yr old niece celebrated by making me pot holders with the instructions to bring them with me to my first show. I have a serious love for my nieces, so of course I did as told!

A few days later, I get the email: “Can you come down for an interview next week, with a sample of your Green Tea Cakes?”

Ahhhh…..Pause for my panicked reaction!

I was in Toronto!!! Needless to say, I scrambled to get a flight back ASAP and was thankful to have been granted a later audience. It was a: LAND IN MNL, BAKE SAMPLES, and SHOW UP for the interview world of mayhem! (Who has time for jet lag!) All of which was done with a camera tightly trained on my mug.

Hard. Swallow.

Quick, think of a happy song Cyn! 

So that’s what I did! I was being interviewed, and secretly singing H.A.M. By Jay-Z feat. Kanye West. Don’t judge me yet, okay! It’s an empowering song (potty mouths aside!) Haha ☺

In the end. Here I sit. Ready for the taping of our next episode, going in with the deer-in-the-headlights face that comes from not knowing what’s in store for us next, and forcing on my invisible superwoman cape with it’s many life-lesson patches, hoping against all hope to put my best whisk forward, and not serve the notable judges raw, curdled desserts.

Wish me luck!


♡ The “Luscious Latina”

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Elevators elevate, vate, vate, vate, vate
Painters gonna paint, paint, paint, paint, paint
Baby, I’m just gonna bake, bake, bake, bake, bake,
Bake it off. Bake it off.
Skaters gonna skate, skate, skate, skate, skate
Cakers gonna cake, cake, cake, cake, cake
I’m just gonna rake, rake, rake, rake, rake,
Rake it off. Rake it off.