Zodiac signs as sweet treats

Aries: Pop rocks
Taurus: Pecan pie
Gemini: Skittles
Cancer: Red velvet cupcakes
Leo: Cheesecake
Virgo: Candy corn
Libra: Ring pop
Scorpio: Fudge
Sagittarius: Bubble tape
Capricorn: Peanut M&Ms
Aquarius: Sour brite crawlers
Pisces: Swedish fish

Please fire me. I work in a bakery that specializes in custom cake decorating. I had a customer trying to order a cake and was thoroughly angered that I had not tried every cake flavor and every icing flavor in order to be able to advise her on which combination would be good for her 5 year old’s birthday cake. I’m sorry. We have over 40 cake flavors and 30 icing flavors, some of which I am allergic to. My boss wasn’t present, but she wanted the store business card so that she could call my boss the next day and complain about my incompetency.