Hey guys!! So I have entered the How to Train Your Dragon contest and the rating period for my design has begun!

Toothless Territory

There are a lot of great designs in the competition, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed! It’d be a huge achievement to not only WIN, but to win a contest for one of my favorite movies of all time. 

So far it’s holding up pretty well. But for now, it’s still time to vote! 

I was looking through my sketchbooks from last year (I can safely say I’ve definitely improved..yikes) and I found this. I sat there laughing for a good 5 minutes…didn’t help that it was horribly drawn. Remember this Viv?

Had work day so in case I don’t get anything else done (or decide to be a good girl and actually try and do more thesis work tonight), I had this already made and just went ahead and slapped some text on it. Been a long time since I’ve seen Niko’s precious face <3

Hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day whether you’re in a relationship or single =3 

Alright..decided why not? I’ll post it. This is how my film will hopefully look in the end. This was actually done for a layout assignment as well. Still wondering about the linework on the characters, I mayyy make it a tad thinner just so they fit a little better but I’ll see.

I’m not the best at backgrounds (should’ve practiced it more) and I’m sure there are some persepective issues still but…I’m pretty happy with it overall.


So it’s getting down to the wire with thesis. JUST TEN MORE DAYS!!! And I’m going nuts…no sleep…major cabin fever but with this incredibly weird sense of optimism. Hoping to hang onto that. This is the fastest I’ve ever worked in my life. Ever. 

Anywho, with that said, wanted to share some boards that never made the final cut, without giving too much away from the film. Kinda bummed they were cut but in the grand scheme of things..had I kept them my film would’ve been a whole minute longer. The second one is more of one of the ideas I had for the middle of the film. I ended up liking what I used in the end much better, but these boards were still fun. The other two just make me laugh. Wish I could’ve kept them in, but it is what it is. 

Changed up the style of how the backgrounds will look and I definitely like it better. It’s simpler too I think which works better and in my favor lol. 

This is  what my film’s gonna look like in the end and I am SO excited to get to coloring and inking honestly but still so much animating left to do. 

That reminds me though if anyone has experience with the video feature in photoshop and has just..overall experience flat coloring and would like to lend a helping hand, throw some examples my way and I’ll be really happy for the help! You’ll be put into the credits and I’ll even do a simple colored art piece for you of anything you want! Just email me at or message me on here if you’re interested!

Sneaky peek of what I was working on the other night. I want to make it sorta watercolor/painterly looking. It’s gonna be part of a sketch dump but I ended up spending a lot of time refining this first. Also, didn’t add Gio’s spotty bangs in yet but it’s kinda cool to see what he’d look like if he was just human.

Also drawing the tears punched me in the feels oddly T_T 

And so the artistic brainstorming for my next film begins..and Oliver’s one of the mains! I was really in the mood to tweak his design a bit at work today so that he was better suited for animation. Rather..he’s getting a bit of a slightly different hair style. This doodle was the one I liked best so hopefully if and when I get it tightened up, it’ll still look good. I’m also ok with him looking younger for the short, but will try making him look his current age with this style (only a bit longer/fluffier lol) for the future lol!

Also, excuse the notes surrounding it  

It’s a Sugar Rush me! XD Based on the hat I wore when we went to see the movie, which according to Kyra resembled a Neapolitan. So, this happened.

I forgot I started it a while back. Never got around to finishing it past the basic shading. I’ll probably finish it up when Wreck-It Ralph comes out on Blu-Ray/DVD. Wanted to add an ice cream cone on the shirt, some sorta glow on the coin and what not.

It’s almost there, but I figure it’s worth putting it up the way it is now in case I forget again or can’t get around to it.