Like a ‘Bad Relationship:’ Young Photojournalist Amanda Mustard On Life in Cairo

Each image in Amanda Mustard‘s collection of photographs in Egypt is a vibrant journey into a single moment. At 21, Mustard packed up her life and moved to Cairo, a far cry from the Christmas tree farm in rural Pennsylvania where she was raised. Mustard has lived in Cairo for 3 years, facing possible danger and harassment daily, not only as a photojournalist but as a female. Drawn to Cairo by the inexpensive living (her rent was just $70 per month), she ended up staying because of the unending subject matter that existed alongside the time she needed to develop her skills as a photojournalist.

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Watch: Hidden camera shows how difficult it is for women to walk alone in Cairo 

After countless incidents of feeling objectified and harassed, and listening to other women’s experiences of the same, two female filmmakers decided to record what it’s like for a woman to walk alone on Egyptian streets.

The result is short a video that portrays the uncomfortable omnipresence of the male gaze in this corner of the world. Titled “Creepers on the Bridge,” the video was created by filmmaker Colette Ghunim and her co-director Tinne Van Loon. “Today we will be filming what it’s like to walk down the busiest bridge in Cairo as a girl,” American-born Ghunim notes in her introduction.

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