Magic Lantern (الفانوس السحري) slides. Egypt. c. 1900-1910.


Just so you know, it is possible for some people to be ok, Jill. Are you ok, Aimee? I am fuckin’ fantastic, and i got to say, I think your dad would be too if you’d just fuckin’ let him. Did you fuck him? What? Did you? Did you fuck my dad? Yeah, Jill. I did. I fucked your dad. And I felt really bad about it, so i was like “hey, Mr. Garvey, this is so wrong.” but he was like “hey, let’s stop pretending to be ok because no one is ok.” And he was totally right, and he was so hard, Jill. So I fucked the shit out of him on top of a pile of guns. Fuck you! Fuck you! 

I dream of the day I can take the train from Casablanca to Algiers, watch an Amazigh concert in Tripoli, take a bus to Cairo, eat Kneffeh with a Gazaoui in Jerusalem, get lost in the old city of Aleppo, drive to Iraq, have a drink with an Assyrian and a good laugh with a Kurd.

For now I can mourn the fact that these things are impossible to do…


Nadir Bouhmouch 

Wallahi this is so on point. One day, inshaAllah.

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In the August 14 dispersal of the Rab’a al-Adawiya sit-in alone, security forces, following a plan that envisioned several thousand deaths, killed a minimum of 817 people and more likely at least 1,000. The systematic and widespread killing of at least 1,150 demonstrators by Egyptian security forces in July and August 2013 probably amounts to crimes against humanity.

Egypt: Mass Killings by Security Forces

Eid al-Fitr signals the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month where the pillar of fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset. In fact, during this “sugar feast,” it is forbidden to fast!

The Mosque and Madrasa Complex of Sultan Hassan undoubtedly dominated the cityscape of medieval Cairo. What would festivities have looked like back then?

Kairo, Mosque Sultan Hassan, photolithograph, Photo Zürich, 1906. J. Paul Getty Museum.