A continuation on last nights nerds; introducing Cityscaped! A collab session I’m doing with cake-nastytrolls for a little Alternian worldbuilding fun. They’re based on the capital cities of various countries across the world, in order: Moscow, Washington D.C, Cairo, Brasilia, Beijing, Tokyo, Canberra and London!

(Profiles pending)

A Song from The Film: "Cairo Time"...اغنية من الفيلم: وقت القاهرة


Assalaamu 3alaikum wa Sabaa7 el Khair (السلام عليكم و صباح الخير)…Peace be unto you and Good morning

Hi Readers:),

I’m not a big fan of romance films, so last year when I saw this film I was a bit surprised that I actually liked it…I mean, it has become one of my favourites now!

The genre of films that I am fond of are: dramas (especially true stories), “clean” comedies, suspense, thrillers, cartoons, martial arts (especially the ones made in Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan), horror, etc. Oh, and I don’t only watch Hollywood movies, because I like to learn about different cultures…are there any Bollywood and Nollywood lovers out there? Just say: “meeeee!”

For those of you who may not know 

Bollywood and Nollywood are the informal names for the Hindi and Nigerian film industries respectively.

I don’t know what the film industries in Iran, Afghanistan, or Latin America are called, but I like watching films from those regions of the world also….and of course I looooove Caribbean films!

I have drifted from the topic….back to what this blog post is supposed to be about. If you’ve seen the movie: “Cairo Time” starring, Alexander Siddig and Patricia Clarkson, you may have heard the remarkable song: “Ahwaak” playing in the background. This is a vintage Arabic selection, and it’s sung by none other than, Abdel Halim Hafez عبد الحليم حافظ, who is known throughout the Arab world for his talent.

“Ahwaak” (اهواك) means: “I love you” in the Egyptian/Cairene dialect of Arabic. Anyway….I hope you guys enjoy this number, InshaaAllah.

Here’s the URL for the song on Youtube:


For further reading check out this information at the the following links:

Before I go, I’d like to teach you guys a few words in Arabic…

Waqt/Awqaat (وقت/أوقات)- time/s

Al Qaahirah (القاهرة)- Cairo

Feelim/Aflaam (فيلم/افلام)- film/s; movie/s

*Suwar Mutaharrikah (صور متحرّكة )- motion pictures; movies

*Literally “suwar mutaharrikah” means: “moving pictures”.

Ughniyah (اغنية)- song

Until the next time, InshaaAllah, keep well and stay safe dear readers!;-)

Wassalaam 3alaikum wa Yawm Sa3eed (and Peace be with you and Happy Day),


“Kull sanah wenta Tayyib” (كل سنة وانت طيب) is an Egyptian Arabic phrase. It is used as a birthday greeting/wish. It literally means: “every year and you are fine/well.”

If you’re addressing a female say: “kull sanah wenti Tayyibah” (كل سنة وانت طيبة).

In Standard Arabic, the same phrase is, “kullu sanah wa anta/i Tayyib/Tayyibah”.

Another phrase, that you could use in Standard Arabic to wish someone a happy birthday is, “kullu 3aam wa antum bi-khair” (كل عام وأنتم بخير). It figuratively means: “may you be well throughout the year.”

Guess who got new books today… er… well used books that are new to me. My friend at IU found these being thrown away and sent them to me.

On the left is a note from her. The orange book is a study of Cairene Proverbs and then the blue book (of which I got 2 copies) is a study in Bilingualism…

I’m so excited! They just made my day!

North Coast

North Coast of Egypt has been considered as a favored destination of Cairene vacationers. North Coast of Egypt has succeeded over the past few years in earning the reputation of a world-class sea resort, by catering to more exclusive lifestyles through beautiful and upscale tourist villages.

President Sisi cheers on Cairo Marathon runners, takes selfies

President Sisi cheers on Cairo Marathon runners, takes selfies

After visiting with mourning military academy students in Cairo, El-Sisi cheers on Cairenes in a running marathon

Social media users shared pictures on Friday afternoon of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and runners who participated in a half marathon in Cairo’s upper middle class district of Heliopolis.
The president attended the marathon shortly after speaking to students at the military…

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