U.K. VFX house Jellyfish Pictures worked on a discarded’Kingsman: The Secret Service scene that showed Michael Caine 40 years younger. While no specific details were given about the scene, Kingsman: The Secret Service comic book creator Mark Millar confirmed that the scene was set in 1975, and that it was cut because director Matthew Vaughn thought, “it pulled the movie’s pacing sideways.” (x)

Well, this shit better be as an extra on the dvd/blu-ray or i’m going to get into matthew vaughn’s office and flip all of his tables.

Okay so I know y’all are really excited about this Castiel/Collette thing but I’m nOT. because Cain fucking KILLS Collette. And Misha said he doesn’t like the ending to season 10… Because Dean is probably going to kill Castiel. Or Castiel is going to die to save Dean. Or CastIEL MIGHT HAVE TO KILL DEAN, AND THEY’LL BE A BASTARD AND REVERSE IT ON US. IDK MAN. ITS ALL STARTING TO SEEM A LITTLE FISHY…

something fucking HUGE is coming for this season finale, something I know the writers are taking a risk with and something the fandom will literally explode over, and all I’m saying is we need to fucking prepare because shit could get real.