Hermaphroditus, Roman marble, Imperial period (3rd century CE) – This Hermaphroditus is called “Stante” (relieved) because carved with the male member in erection, shown by the woman’s dress lifted to the waist. Discovered in a vineyard of Monte Porzio Catone in 1781 and purchased by prince Marcantonio Borghese, it was long kept hidden in a closet because it was considered “indecent”

Pan has been home with us for almost two weeks now and we’ve been able to take him to the vet twice. The first time we got the news that he had a terminal illness and there was no hope. The second time, we were given hope. The vet suggested a selenium deficiency and prescribed selenium and vitamin b. He’s starting to do better, but due to the blood tests for possible CAEV, the vet bill hit $436. This hurt us pretty bad since my dad may be going on strike soon. We’re going to need all the help we can get with this. Thank you so much babygoatsandfriends and disappearinvisible for you help sharing and donating. I plan on doing something for you and. Anyone else who donated a good amount, if you could send me your URL, that would be great.
Please at least spread this around and help us out. We want to give Pan the best care he can get, but its just really bad timing. Thank you for reading and have a great day.