"Say dat shit again, I dare ya! C’MON! DO IT! Gimme a reason ta f@#k you up and make you dance, Beautiful!"


Late night stress relief sketch featuring a very, very, very angry Lazare Creu, proud captain of the Sky Dancers.

Word censored slightly cuz I know I got a few young’uns following me. lol

my art muse been less than sweet to me. x.x; i can only sketch lately. -trying to push herself to do more than that but bleh-

My oc as the little mermaid. lol she’s only of my favorite disney princesses and I thought it would be fitting as Maribelle means “star of the sea”

Maribelle (C): Me

Application for Caelumrivalis. 

Actually didn’t made lines for this, used the doodle and so it’s a bit crappy. The weapons are horrible though, I hate them. Gotta redo them sometime but I’m too tired now to even make a bio for this.

 Name: Mel “Honey” Hemingblott

 Age: 18

 Race: Human

 Birth date: November 13

 Position: Head Cook

 Optional Position: Entertainer 

 Height: 163cm

 Weapon: Baseball bat; has a few knives and grenades inside her boots (hence their droopiness)

❤ Picking fights
❤ Stealing
❤ Yelling
❤ Bossing around
❤ Blowing stuff up
❤ Spicy food
❤ Freedom

✗ Squids
✗ Mopping
✗ Having to work cause someone told her to
✗ Shy people

Mel has an explosive personality. She has a lot of energy and usually lets it flow by yelling or being in fights. 
She likes to steal things, not much to cause harm, but because she never had nice things. 
Is short tempered and temperamental; will stand up for herself, no matter who is on the other side. 
Her bravery may be sometimes stupid.

She was an orphan who lived in a foster house near the harbor where all the ships stopped. She used to look at them and picture herself sailing the unknown, feeling the wind in her hair and being free. 
One of her tasks at the foster home was to help in the cooking, which she detested because she just had to do what the cook told her and not create the dishes by herself.
Years later when the opportunity stroke, she ran away from the foster home and enrolled in the Sky Dancers ship.
Nowadays, she works as the chef aboard the ship, providing weird mixes of food and sending across the table creative dishes that don’t taste as bad as they look. Kitchen is always a sticky dirty mess but the main point is, her food is eatable and juicy.

 Other: Oh irony names. Mel means honey, hence her nickname, even though she’s never sweet. And that pad thing she’s holding is the menu for the ship (inspired by atlas-key).