I am in love with a girl I barely know. It doesn’t make sense. She constantly fills my thoughts and my dreams, but I’ve only met her a few times. We used to be best friends. We would talk on the phone for hours some nights. I would sing to her until I lost my voice; she would laugh until she started to cry. It was great. But I didn’t really know her. It has been five years since we met. I still don’t even know this girl, yet, she has an enormous impact on my life. But why? I’ve heard from others that really know her that she is a beautiful person, full of joy and life. But I want to know that girl. I want to know the real her, not just the girl that has kept me awake countless nights thinking “what if?” ‘s. 

Through few interactions she has made me fall in love with her. She unknowingly made me love her. But after multiple attempts, it has been proven that I cannot make her love me back. 

After thinking about my situation for months, I’m finally starting to realize why I have such strong feelings for a girl I hardly know. perhaps my perception of her isn’t the real her, given that I “love” a girl whom I’ve spoken to on less than fifty occasions in the last five years. She is an imaginary person to me, despite being very real. I get the fanciful ideas that if I try hard enough, I will win her over. But I don’t believe anymore that it could happen. Even if I never have a chance with her, I hope to one day know the real her