Pitti Uomo 87 roundup

Mid-January marks the commencement of European fashion week/tradeshow season, occasioning - as always - the arrival of the innumerable fuccboi masses. Various menswear personalities have long cursed the press hungry peacocks who invade Europe in Wagner-esque fashion for this purpose. Not to belabor the point, but my opinion pretty much runs parallel with that. But I digress.

Pitti 87, which wrapped two to three days ago, has been - to my mind - one of the most mundane for some time. The ‘fused’ menswear culture that currently reigns supreme lends itself to street style that falls into one of two camps. The former, costumey - literally looking at you Darth Vader - in the vein of Comic Con. The latter, lacking in any concise stylistic narrative. 

Fortunately, this has made picking the true sartorial gems that much easier. I’m also pleasantly surprised by the sheer variety of emerging photographers in attendance for 2015. Given street style’s popularity, one is hopeful we’ll see more than just GQ crews scooping up great shots in the near future. 

From top:

  • patrickjohnsontailors and thepuertoricansocialclub. Pat has always had a tremendous eye for colour - a trait that lends itself well to conveying the stylistic elements of Antipodean tailoring. As for Porter, well, homie looks like he’s about to smoke the joint Michael Mann style.
  • lnsee and cadeandco. I’ve rendered my two cents on The Armoury guys before and it’s clearly business as usual. Jake’s Barbour Bedale is getting a thorough workout while Alan’s kit would be no less at home in HK during the cold January mornings. By relative standards The Armoury family were dressed quite tamely but few looked as comfortable in their garb of choice over the three day period.
  • christiankimber. Among the greatest ‘layer technicians’ that Australia hosts, CK is becoming a regular street style fixture at Pitti. Eschewing a tie, here he demonstrates the effectiveness of a substantial collar stand & roll. 
  • Jian DeLeon. Part of a very small crew of NYC-centric Americans who have any business being at Pitti, Jian is the deputy style editor for Complex. Having been acquainted with his personal style ethos since the Pinz days, I can’t knock Jian’s aesthetic. In Pigalle and Our Legacy, he’s definitely the antithesis of the uncomfortable pasty white dude wearing anachronistic streetwear. 

(Sources: GQ Mexico,, Art & Hustle Magazine



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