LaTurbo Avedon

, who bases her work in the virtual realm, is not your average


. Choosing to conceal her identity, she is known to her audience only by her


. … 

LaTurbo also curates Panther Modern– a file-based exhibition space, which encourages artists to create digital installations with “all of the amenities made possible by software”

src: WIRED


Part 1. Of the con alt delete photos from today, Fri. 19 2014.

Today was really awesome, all the people that I got to meet were really great. I can’t wait for the rest of the weekend :)

Kurloz in alpha picture thing- karkatvantas01711
Eridan- knivesachau

I don’t know any one else tumblr in these pictures. Sorry if you see your self just tell me. I can tag you or tag yourself idk. But that’s part one of Friday. There will be more later.