Dragon Bio for Cacogen #56662

Throughout the years, Claude has developed a bizarre shift in personality. He has endured several near-death encounters, and none of them were incidental. Claude was meant to die the first time, but has continued to narrowly escape death since. While he feigns an act of confidence for this reason, the imperial understands that avoiding death forever is simply not possible. He seeks a source of immortality in vain, going so far as to rob the lives of others out of paltry experiments and superstitions.

His composure is secure and daunting at first glance, but his past experiences with death have led to frequent cracks in his stone-cold personality. Occasionally Claude is seen bawling his eyes out in the corner of his cave; other times he behaves no different than a rabid animal. Most of the time, however, the imperial mumbles ominous phrases and incoherent garble to himself. It’s impossible to discern what goes on in this dragon’s head. He is attentive yet negligent, ruthless but fragile. Dragons who become acquainted with Claude only know two things for certain: that he will chew on anything within reach of his mouth when nervous, and only the foolish would ever trust this dangerous character.