I had a very sad and profound realization earlier while watching my younger sister play harvest moon on the wii; the liberty to roam homelands and to feel comfortably unthreatened is something most people probably have never felt, and to some extent I also feel that some people actually do know what it feels, and if they do I envy them greatly. The altitude of human ability should always be beyond the physical, but it always seems as though these physical things at times outweigh the emotional aspects; it makes me so sad to see that the creators behind these fantasies are men who have the capability to create the exact paradise in actuality and yet ignore that ability to instead project it onto a falsely-fulfilling experience that can only be conceptualized visually
—  Esther


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O. that was when i went to church lolollolol i used to go to church. i dont know. i think i just acted like i thought all these things were bad because i was afraid of all the other korean church goers. all the korean people here hate me now


that’s dumb though

i couldn’t ever hate you u___u

you should freak em out

perform some sort of ritual outside the church and then snort crack and run of screaming “praise satan”

they’d shit themselves


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same. i used to hate gay people and i used to think sex was bad and i used to think that weed was the worst thing on the planet, and now i like gay sex and i am a druggie.

i remember making a sad post on dailybooth when jared started smoking weed

it’s probably still around somewhere

I’ve never hated gay people or thought sex was bad though

two phases i never hit B)