beccadrawsstuff asked:

Ah, I did not see it and wowza loving the wings!!! I'm just such a big Lorna fan and I don't see a lot of art of her and holy caboles yours made me so happy

thanks again! *huggles*

I love her too, same for auntie whispers : > prolly my fav characters ^w^ an yup, I haven’t seen much fanart either : ( that’s a pity… hmm…

cloudybluesoul asked:

When I visit your blog I like to try to catch the Cabol flakes. They're magical.

dsflkj I do that when I’m bored too. I would just go to mine or neko’s or kat’s and just… try to catch them LMAO If I do happen to catch them I just like to drag them to random places


this time i put it right behind deadpool

oo spooky