Cable TV by: P-Curly

FINALLY I have put together a WIP of a project I started months ago (and will mostly likely not finish due to more schoolwork)

A story of a schoolgirl named Sok who encounters and ”befriends” Datta Purugol. Sok stumbles upon Datta’s lost remote control, causing the mysterious tvhead to pursue her.

This was only my second time animating in flash. Sorry if it’s bad.


anonymous asked:

Would you ever doodle Sok and Datta in casual clothes, something other than their school uniforms? O:

Sok is a bum and has no taste in fashion other than hopelessly trying to copy outfits she see’s in manga and harajuku magazines. She is almost ALWAYS wearing her cruddy (and old) red shorts that poke out from her uniform most of the time.

Datta’s a freakin robot so she obviously has an even lesser sense of fashion and clothes in general so she usually just wears whatever Sok gives her or buys her.

she is a lot taller and curvier than Sok

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timemaskreblogs asked:

what does datta's remote control do? i was curious =w=''' i really like sok and datta and that vid you made. (i was gunna anon but i thought it'd be okay to ask privately?? i hope thats not weird

Honest to god I’m not entirely really even sure yet? Sok and Datta’s story is still being heavily fleshed out ahah. Like it’s connected to her in a way obviously and has several functions.

What I do know for sure so far is that her…life is sort of connected to it? Like her body could be torn to bits and she still wouldn’t die because she has a restore button on her remote.

Since she ends up entrusting Sok with it eventually anyway, essentially Sok has Datta’s freakin life in her possession.

Another handy feature is that the buttons are invisible, unless Datta has “connected” with you at least once. So Sok is one of the few people who can see the buttons.

((When Datta “connects” with people she..literally just inserts one of her plugs into them…like stabbing them pretty much with the plug prong thingies ahahaha. They absorb the blood or matter of whatever she’s stabbed it into. This is the only way she can collect data and learn things pretty much))

here Is a doodle example hoohah