"The Philosopher’s Stone is a term used by Cabalists to denote the Supreme Wisdom, the union of the divine consciousness or omniscient Solar Principle in man with the lower consciousness or personality, which union has been the goal of Initiates of all ages. Exoterically, the Philosopher’s Stone is the secret of the transmutation of the baser metals into gold.”, Comte de Gabalis, by the Abbe N. de Montfaucon de Villars, Paris, 1670;

35: Forgotten

There are a lot of dangers inherent to being a Numerologist. Especially of the kind that, on occasion, mucks around with the stuff of the mind. The boys and I, we definitely have a more detailed understanding of the landscape of each others’ minds than a lot of couples, I can say that much- but it’s not without risk. There have been times where connections were imperfect- rushed, slipshod, or- well, at times I couldn’t even begin to describe what had happened, but it seems that the structures of the mind- or at least mine, are particularly susceptible to being shaken loose.

The first time, I was just disoriented. I couldn’t tell what was happening around me, but it soon wore off, though the headache lingered for a while after. The second time, it was so jarring that I lost what some words were in common Aetolian. Small things had shaken loose, but things I never thought would- for an hour or two, until I realised and he told me again, I’d forgotten his name. We’d been together some fifteen, twenty years at that point? You don’t forget something like that without help.

The third time, it was on purpose- I wanted to forget, and he wanted to help me. That one fouled for different reasons, and I was stuck for a few years and laid up for several after that- the body atrophies if you don’t use it for a while, and I found that out the hard way.

I am not entirely sure if there was really a fourth time- the circumstances of that are something I have forgotten as well, and it escapes me how to even begin trying to figure out what went wrong, or why. I have the inkling that I might have enacted it myself, and I’m aware that I forgot… almost everything. He helped me find it again, in the mists and sands of the back of my mind, but it was not complete- even now, I will reach for a word and realise that I have completely forgotten the word for coccyx. I’m lucky, I suppose, that it just seem like old age when I do it, and someone nearby happily supplies the word I want, but sometimes I wonder just how much is gone- I’d never know, when it comes down to it. And that’s somewhat terrifying.

11: 33%

Thirty-three per cent, that sounds like a decent figure for it. Almost one in three. I was never good with the numbers- well, that’s a lie. The numbers, I understand. The figures? A headache at best.

But one in three is about the rate of survival, you know. For young Cabalists. Folk always scoff when they hear about that, but if you’d seen the things I’ve seen… well, one in three might be generous.

That third counts the complete failures, actually. Them that try and completely, utterly fail to ‘get it’. When it comes down to it, they might be the lucky ones. They’re the ones that sigh and turn away from the halls and slouch back to their plough, their sickle, their future in the Republic’s militia and a quiet little farmhouse afterward, unfortunate raids and mishaps in the catacombs notwithstanding.

The other two-thirds are the partial successes- ‘partial’ being a good descriptor in more ways than I care to think about. Some get it just enough to do themselves an injury. If they’re lucky, they survive it and get to go home like the have-nots after a few weeks in traction. If they’re less lucky… well. Have you ever stood beneath the inner gate and looked straight up? We never could get that stain off, and let me tell you that plenty of shirts were ruined that day.

There’s the ones you see, you hear about, and then there’s the ones that just… vanish. Now and then you come across something like all the teeth from a grown man’s head, lined up in a straight-edge row along the cobbles, and you realise what it is you’re staring at. What kind of failure must have happened to make this the mark left behind.

People would often wonder why there weren’t many young ones in the Cabal- and, well, that would be why. There were plenty- fleetingly. The ones you got to have a conversation with just happened to last longer than the rest of them. Thirty-three percent feels conservative when it’s been fifty years of counting them off, but that’s about the figure I managed to extract.

it was also pretty fun redesigning the seer top and getting it to meld into the cabalist pants because what the fuck is this


looks like a god damn baboon’s asshole

like did you forget where the tits were you needed to slap some big fuckin monkey asscheeks on em to remember where they were

Thoughts on Kabalistic Cross

Regarding LBRP, have you ever tried reversing Mars and Jupiter? I learned LBRP in such a way that Gedula/Jupiter/water/Uriel was to the left-hand side, and Gebura/Mars/fire/Michael was to the right-hand side. The order was such that Gebura came first, and Gedula came second. But I was thinking if the locations for these had any significance as to the end result. If I have Gebura/Mars to my left hand side and invoke it first, followed by Gedula/Jupiter to my right, how would the effect change?

Any experiences? I first thought about this when I was at a local church and someone did a cross sign there, from up to down, then from left to right. Why not do your kabalistic cross in similar fashion?


Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge: #3 - Worn Armour.

Whoops, I’m behind. But anyways, uhh… Well I only have 4 level 80s atm, so here they are in their current armour skins plus Kieran who’s gonna be stuck at level 20 for a while looking pretty. The rest are just wearing the Wintersday outfit. XD

From left to right:

Rhosyn - T2 head piece, Phoenix shoulders + chest + gloves, Arah pants, and Cabalist boots (You can’t really see them in her outfit).
Kieran: Those starter engineer goggles or w/e they’re called, T1 shoulders, T2 pants, T3 coat + boots, and TA gloves.
Celandyn: No head piece, T1 shoulders + pants, T2 gloves + boots, and T3 coat.
Frappuchi: Leather mask, Aetherblade shoulders + coat + pants, T2 gloves, and T3 shoes.
Sera: No head piece, Phalanx shoulders + gloves + boots, Whispers chest, and Arah pants.


A new outfit was released today. In response to that some people wrote things like “outfits are WORTHLESS!”, “We like mixing and matching!” and so on. Someone also asked “Who uses these things?”

Hi, I use outfits. Why? Because I have 40 characters. I do play Fashion Wars (a bit too much perhaps), but only at level 80 since using my transmutation charges for all the alts every time they get armor that is a tiny bit better is silly.

I also already leveled 16 characters to 80 and them all having the same “pirate”/”cabalist”/boob plate armor got boring a long time ago ;) I happen to like the look of outfits quite a bit more.

So I use outfits on all the characters that are not yet level 80! I can switch around if I get bored at a look but still only have to color those 4 channels and can change the equipment whenever, without having to check if it looks good.

As for Anet releasing these instead of new armor sets. Well. There are 2 new sets coming soonish. One is even not a gem store set. They take more time, obviously. Outfits are easier to make and make people like me happy. Let me be happy. :D

Oh, btw! Cera is wearing Shadow Assassin, Falk and Taawo are rocking the Cook’s outfit :D


Hand made mosaics platter

"Astrology is like a map. Like a roadmap, astrology is meant to be a useful tool to help guide you to wherever you want to go. PILA OF HAWAII, The Secrets & Mysteries of Hawaii"

This platter is devoted to the Mystic Tetrad (Pythagorean tetractys) Pythagorean as well as a Cabalistic symbol for the cosmic space. The very centre of the platter is occupied with interconnected triangles representing the complex universe. The Mystic Tetrad is surrounded and connected with the large glass stones representing the symbols of the Zodiac.

Limited Edition

Size Ø 35 cm x H 4.5 cm (13.8 inch x 1.8 inch)

Hard to believe that just two short years ago, I was in a similar storm working on the Man/son showcase. Of course-the scale, proportions and the month of fevered frenzy it took, are worlds apart from the years work I have just undertaken. Still, evoking as it did; the dark Cabalistic, turbulence surrounding a ritualistic killing during the summer of 69, and threading the seeping black tendrils of madness and paranoia spanning centuries, is not the best of pursuits when you are painting for fourteen hours a day,  inhaling turpentine in 106 degrees and listening to Revolution 9 on repeat.

Still, I came out the other side, none the richer or wiser, and now since it’s part of the segment of a documentary called Serial Killer Culture, you can stream my fifteen minute moment, to see and hear more for yourself.



Guild Wars 2 Photo Meme | Day 3: Worn Armor

On Someii: Nightmare Vestments, Nightmare Pants, Nightmare Gloves, Exalted Paudrons, Masquerade Boots, Feathered Helm
(all have rampager’s stats with exotic rarity)

On K U R E N A IReading Glasses (transmuted over Ahamid’s Visage), Ahamid’s Guise, Sneakthief Gloves, Prowler Boots, Falconer’s Pants, Falconer’s Pauldrons
(all have soldier’s stats on exotic rarity, with the exception of the ascended pieces)

On Yuurei:Exalted Helm (hidden), Cabalist Shoulders, Cabalist Coat, Stately Gloves, Stately Pants, Winged Boots (Cabalist Boots in this picture)
(mixed berserker’s and rabid stats with exotic rarity)

On NuriMagician Coat, Country Shoulders, Apprentice Pants, Apprentice Boots, Magician Gloves, Apprentice Helm (hidden)
(stats/skins/rarity change from time to time, as she’s still far from max level)

Watch on shenkumaster.tumblr.com

Sorry to share this video but did anyone else notice the Cabalistic Tree of Life being used as a “Key” on the ship at the end of the video?