We’d printed up one last run of the Crush All Fakes design for United Blood. There are a few leftovers, so I put them in the webstore. This is your last chance to get this design, so grab one now if you want one. Photo via @life.lair.regret.records. #Cabal315 #Hostage #CrushAllFakes


Printing has commenced, and the first batch of orders went out today. Thank you for your patience. Also, I really liked the liner notes DJ wrote for the Record Store Day repress of Who Dares Wins and thought it would be nice if everyone could read it instead of just the people lucky enough to grab the vinyl, so I whipped up a little one sheet version of it and it will be included with your shirts. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. #PathOfResistance #SyracuseHardcore #StraightEdge #SyracuseStraightEdge #SxE #SyracuseHC #WhoDaresWins #Cabal315 #RecordStoreDay #RSD

The CABAL x JUDGE collab tees that we had at @UnitedBloodRVA were a hit, and so many people have been hitting the band and us up about getting one that we’ve decided to do another small run of them. The back has been changed to differentiate the web version from the UxB version. These will be limited to 50 pieces, preorders will go live Monday 4/13 at 12 noon EST at Don’t sleep! #Cabal315 #CABALxJUDGE #NYHC #BringinItDown #ChampionUSA