But you will not hear this in the attached presentation.

Was this gentleman paid to speak, or is he running for office?  Tell the immediate audience what they need to hear, perhaps was the motive. Was the incident he spoke of perpetrated by law abiding gun owners or just more outlaws?  I’m not a member of the NRA, but like to keep an eye on history, government’s increased control, and current events. 

First they come for your guns, then something else, and finally YOU. Does this fit a pattern use throughout history?

Here are two suggestions for increasing jobs:

First, stop issuing the 'abused' ‘“B1” Work Visa' that allows foreigners the opportunity to break our immigration laws; this would provide more jobs for Americans.  Please don’t tell me that you don’t know what I’m talking about. 

In the event you respond, and I don’t think you will, perhaps my second point will answer any questions you have regarding my first. (Just attempting to stop any political speak in advance, Sir.)

Second point: Either bring our plants, and overseas operations back to America, or impose a high enough tariff on their products made abroad. It might get someone’s attention.  ‘NAFTA’ should be replaced with 'America First'.

There is also something to be said about tax savings on American made manufacturing; our government is already doing it for foreign companies on American soil, right?

States could, and I understand West Virginia may already, offer the following to bring in business to the state.  I can NOT confirm this, but you as the former Governor may. 

Does the state purchase plant equipment and lease it to the manufacture providing  tax relief?  Plant operation on equipment purchased by the tax-payers?  That’s alright, as long as monies are recovered through a LONG TERM lease, No Problem!  The downfall, I think would be, the operating company may leave the state holding equipment to make state manufactured vehicles, comrade.  Of course that may work, employees are already trained.

Bottom-line Sir, Americans need the jobs in America.  Domestic Cuts is another topic for another post. 

Thanks Senator, and make us proud by keeping America strong.

Some information needed prior to a warrant, don’t you think?  What was this prosecutor thinking?  Bet the defendant is glad he was not facing the death penalty.  But wait, even with a history of prostitution, doesn’t she have the right to say NO?

Many say this case is a ‘he said, she said’, and I say either way, money speaks louder.

Now Mr. Prosecutor, what will this debacle cost the tax payers over-all?


WVDEP (West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection) provides written permit for this raw sewage dump site since 2000.  The hauling company is self reporting, and the US EPA is fully aware of the location. 

Numerous truck loads per day time 365 days per year since 2000.  Oh, did I tell you that this ground water flows into the Mud and Ohio Rivers via the Guyandotte Watershed?  But why would you care if the above named government agencies doesn’t.  Yeah, there is enough responsibility to go around so let’s look at the Cabell County Health Department, County Commission, and a governor who is seeking re-election in West Virginia.  Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, best government you can buy.

Reference News article above search ‘Cabell County’ on YouTube to see the many attractions that are available. Just for an example: the Barker Ridge Mall (if they don’t have it they’ll get-R), and of course, the melodious scary farm near where many residents have contracted Hepatitis-A.

Pack a lunch, and enjoy ‘Wild and Wonderful’ Cabell County, West Virginia.  Make sure you have your shots first.

In the event you are having difficulties finding these YouTube videos, here is a hint.

AAA Dump Site GPS:
38 30’ 03.41“ N
82 11‘ 3.5.81“ W

How about thinking of what is going into your drinking water.  Where are the WVDEP, and USEPA government agencies?

When the media quits talking about a few drops from a truck, think about the loads being dumped into our ground waters effecting wells, running across property-lines and flowing into the Mud and Ohio Rivers.  Look for yourself:

As a consumer, I believe until we come up with a solution, and a definite plan to transition America’s energy, we should NOT add additional harm to Americans either through higher energy cost, or bringing down major businesses. Both will, in part, be seen if the US EPA gets their way in this decision. 

Driving a major American business under may not be the best solution.  Folks, even children understand the concept of ‘bullets or butter’ type decision making. That ‘game’ strategy has been a while.  Hurting the coal industry without alternative sources of energy only hurts America. Our great American decision makers should table this thought. Come on now people, have you ever gone to your employer and said boss, “we have a problem” only to be ask in return “and your solution is”?

Now our government could save some major dollars by eliminating many of the EPA positions and transfer the funds to our economy such as healthcare, unemployment, and so forth.  Hell, the US EPA is big business or better yet a big employer.  Stay with me here. 

The agency provides many speeches explaining, ‘we’re from the government and here to ‘hep ya’ crap, it provides excellent paying government jobs, hires unemployed students seeking even more EPA positions, then there are our universities and their environmental programs producing even more graduates without jobs, and don’t forget the contract workers. This ploy promotes a much larger ‘self serving’ support base for their government agency….An agency that does not create income to support itself; the tax payer pays for their continuation.  “What is your bottom-line with all this,” you are asking?  If the money to support the US EPA was reduced, and the above hypothesis was truly the real factor, I think you would find the environment at a lower priority level in this country.  Just sayin’.

Furthermore, when was the last time our US EPA had any effect on major foreign environmental violators?  This same EPA can and WILL NOT even clean up a RAW SEWAGE dump that directly effects America’s ground water, wells, with un-screened, and un-treated SEWAGE.  SEWAGE (not sludge) traveling into America’s Mud, and Ohio Rivers.  Why should we trust the US EPA to regulate our environment?  People, I can picture it now, our environment would operate similar to Obama’s Healthcare by ‘extending waivers’ to their ‘friends in high places’.  If you don’t believe me on the dump matter, view this video:

Ask a veteran of the military, any veteran, who their true enemy is.  You may just be surprised.

Military members worked with the understanding that the Tri-Care insurance plan would be there for them.  Of course, veterans have been lied to before. Then there are those Americans that ‘never turned-a-tap’ and get everything from this administration.  My daughter uses the expression “shut and give me” people.  I call it the Obama vote gettin’ program.

Now, if you want to cut cost look at the other ‘hand-outs’ to foreign countries.  Why is it Obama travels the world instead of traveling the USA?  Is he running for ‘leader of the world’ votes?  This Democrat has news for his administration regarding his vote.

Perhaps, the military should either lay their weapons down, or er, I can’t go there.

I love my country but this government is a whole different thing.  Okay, let it go, “I’ll tell this fool ‘what for’,” you are thinking?  I showed my hand, your turn.

Glad I have Netflix.

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