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for archangcl as a belated birthday gift - sorry it’s so late doll D: but here is dean turned into a kitty :3 (a little bit of a canon divergence - no MoC and Cas has wings again  but they still live in the bunker) 

Castiel appeared in a flutter of wings at Sam’s beck and call, hearing the younger Winchester’s distress. “Sam?”

Sam spun around, looking nervous for a moment, before sighing and simply stepping to the side. On the hotel bed, on top of one of Dean’s plaid shirts, rested a tan tabby cat with beautiful green eyes; not emerald or some other type of overly grass green. No, the cat’s eyes were like a grassy field in the late autumn day. 

"Dean?" Castiel asked, his head tilting to the side. He could have sworn the cat sighed. 

"Um, we sorta have a problem," Sam said with a nervous smile. "We ran into a witch… and… um… Well, Dean’s now a cat." Dean, the cat, sneezed. "I also think he’s allergic to himself." 

Castiel sighed and walked up to the furry animal, slowly picking Dean up, despite Dean’s disgruntled meow. He held Dean up to his face and squinted his eyes. “Do I want to know?” 

Dean looked away and drooped his body and ears. Sam came to stand beside them, holding up his hands in uncertainty. Eventually, Castiel tucked Dean in his arms and began to carry the cat out of the motel. Sam was hot on his heels, gathering up their belongings. 

"Can you fix him?" Sam asked as he went to put their bags in the Impala. They’d been on the case for four days and Sam was definitely ready to go home. 

"Maybe," Castiel said as he disappeared with Dean in his arms. 

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Bob Straight parted with hair on the neck.

Finally my hair is finished. The right Sim is me. I loved this EA hair but it was to long for my taste. So I shortened it. There is a version of this hair out there, but I wasn’t happy with it. It wasn’t binned and not hat compatible.

My version is very short, hat compatible, color binned, has hair on the neck and comes with all EA colors. For teen to elder females.


A Place Where Nothing Moves

A Place Where Nothing Moves by imogenbynight [author spotlight]
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 49,000
Summary: In 1991, after the most frightening day of his short life, Dean’s family was split down the middle. His mother left. His brother, too. For the remainder of his youth, he had nothing but his increasingly distant father, a life constantly uprooted, and the book Sam left behind. A book that spoke of a light on the ocean and the terror that longed to breach it. Now, seventeen years later in the small fishing town of Jackpine Harbor, Maine, the appearance of a strange light on the horizon and a rash of storms set off memories of the day he’d rather forget, and the town’s newest resident, a veterinarian named Castiel Shurley whose apparent hatred of Dean is neither founded nor avoidable, is just one more thorn in his side.

This eerie, atmospheric, plot-driven story revolves around mysteries set into motion when Mary nearly drowns on vacation before Sam is born. A few years later, the near kidnapping and subsequent departure of his brother and mother, leaves Dean alone in John’s less than capable hands. Despite the tumultuous events of his childhood, Dean eventually settles where his father left him and he makes a life for himself. A light on the water that only a few can see and the arrival of Castiel changes everything.

The connection between the light and Castiel is slowly revealed as the plot evolves. Once parts of the mystery are unraveled, Dean and Cas work together to try and stop whoever is trying to open a portal that could unleash chaos and death. I loved the intricate world building and hints of Lovecraftian horrors that lie in wait for the unsuspecting. There are stories within stories in this fic, with the author indicating that she wrote much of Ether Bright and other novellas described in the story while creating this work. That attention to detail shines through. The author has hinted that there may be more to come in this world.  I certainly hope so!

A DCBB 2014 fic