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what actually is twist and shout?

An au fanfic where Dean and Cas meet in the 1960s. Cas is studying to be a doctor. Dean is helping pay for Sam to get through college. Dean and Cas meet at a party. Dean kidnaps Cas on his motorcycle, and they share a milkshake date. They fall in love right away because this is a fanfic.

Problems over being gay in the 1960s are addressed. Like Cas is kicked out of his apartment because of his homophobic landlord.

Then Dean and Cas move in together.

Fluff and smut ensues.

There’s a cute beach trip.


The Vietnam War.

And war separates the two.

And there’s a moment when you think things will be okay…But then…

Someone leaves.

And someone dies.

And everyone cries.

The end.

It’s actually a pretty good story. Heartbreaking. But many people complain that it’s not really Dean and Cas. Just two characters that share their names. OOC. But if you can get past that, it’s not bad.

See you then.


My Wildkitties absolutely killing it!

Autumn Leaves

Title: Autumn Leaves

Pairing: Reader x Cas

Word count: 3,897

Theme song: Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran

Request: Oh my God! The last gif image with Castiel (the one with engagement) it’s perfect and I’d really like to read full one shot. Of course if you have time and want to :)

A/N: Autumn Leaves is one of Nana Kazzy’s favorite songs and she’s been wanting me to do a song fic to it! ;) There’s also some supplemental stuff at the end. But you’ll get there!


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It was on the first day of Autumn, with leaves falling around him, red like sparks from a flame in the crisp and quiet morning, that Cas let go.

All those fears, all those little nagging doubts he’d had, wondering how he would really know, he just let go of them all. Watching you crouched low over a fallen leaf still wet with the rain that had just passed, he fell in love. The words fell from his lips, soft as the leaves from the branches overhead, but you heard him just the same and turned to look at him.

“I love you, too,” you said with a smile that felt as new as the season. Hesitation hadn’t occurred to you; saying it back felt as easy as it had been to fall. You were full with the newness of the words and with every small look or touch, every shared moment that had led to them. You carried them with you as you stood and crossed over to Cas, letting him gather you in closely.

“I’ll love you forever,” he said. You tilted your head up to look at him, leaning into him and pressing your lips to his. You ran your hand soft through his dark hair, breathing him and the salt air in at once, feeling like it was some kind of magic to be there with him at all.

With one hand gentle over your hair and his other snaked around your waist, you stood together, sinking into it. Sinking into one another. Down past the sharp outcropping on which you stood, waves crashed distantly on the beach below, pulling sand and shells alike back into the foamy and depthless maw of the sea.

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But what if Dean loses it and goes a little crazy and he finds out Sam's got the Book of the Damned, and they need it to kill something and Dean's like "Don't let me near it, I'm cursed" and Cas just looks at him like "Sorry, but I'd rather have you cursed or not." OMG I would lose my shit. Omg. Woah. Can we hope and pray for this to be a thing?

Mm yeah.