William S. Burroughs | Graphite on Paper | 40x50cm

Desperation is the raw material of drastic change.

Only those who can leave behind everything

they have ever believed in can hope to escape.

William S. Burroughs

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People have to forgive. We don’t have to like them, we don’t have to be friends with them, we don’t have to send them hearts in text messages, but we have to forgive them, to overlook, to forget. Because if we don’t we are tying rocks to our feet, too much for our wings to carry!
—  C. JoyBell C.

The Maze Runner - The Video Game

"He began his new life standing up, surrounded by cold darkness and dusty air." And so will you. In this new game, you'll be forced into a place called the Glade, a land inhabited for years by a group of other people, Gladers, surrounded by a giant maze. You may be trapped, but you'll be safe from the deadly creatures that lurk outside those walls as long as you stay within them.

With no memories of your life before that moment, it's up to you how you proceed. You'll have the chance to make friends —or enemies— with the other Gladers, try out each of the jobs the Glade has to offer, or even break the rules by trying to find a way out. Will you be content with the life you've been given, or will you risk it all in a chance to find something better?

Welcome to the Glade.

I don’t understand dating.. and the other things that people do.. all I know is that you ought to find the one you recognize. The one who gives you four arms, four legs, four eyes, and has the other half of your heart. There’s only one of those, so what are all the other things for? Like dating?
—  C. JoyBell C.