afternoon light shining in through the sheer curtains hanging over my bedroom window, on the most ordinary day of the week, your arms were around me and my head was on your chest as it slowly rose and fell, and you twitch as you’re falling asleep, and i never thought i could fall in love with the sound of someone snoring, but your sleepy inhales made my heart swell, and since then, the day has been a series of heavy exhales. i can feel the weight of you behind my ribs and in the corners of my mouth as i smile at the thought of kissing you, your laugh, the way your eyes look when they’re looking at me, the sound of your voice when you’re trying to get music to play in your car, how i feel when i can feel you next to me; i hope you don’t mind, but no matter what time or space is between us, you’ve written your name in the sand of my soul and no amount of wind or waves will ever be able to wash it away. the time we’ve spent together feels like seconds, but you will always exist in my memory as someone who held my hand as i walked into the sun.
—  m.k. | it was a wednesday

I just want to turn to God for the answer

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Dipper somehow gets high on Yggdrasil and begins to act like a cat (as always). The triplets are in their rooms sleeping, and something had happened at school so they were all stressed out. The high Dipdop senses their stress, blips away, and returns with a very surprised and semi-scared 14-year-old Acacia (he's holding her by the back of her nightgown collar). He then proceeds to do the same with Henry and Willow before curling up around them and passing out. Mabel has LOTS of blackmail now...

follows this


It had been two weeks since Willow had almost died

(there was no other way around it-two weeks since their sister, their sister, had almost been drowned in a kiddie pool by some crazy ass church)

and today had not been a good day at school.

Some asshole thought it would be funny to sneak up on Willow-why they thought this was a good idea, none of them knew-and grab her by the shoulders as a ‘prank’.

Willow screamed, and started crying, and the principal and two gym teachers had to grab and bodily restrain Acacia from beating the shit out of the senior who had scared her sister.

(as it was, she had managed to break his nose)

When they had gotten home, their parents and uncles didn’t even bother to scold them, not when they saw how upset the three of them were, how Willow was still shaking and pale as death, the redness of Acacia’s face and the set of her jaw, Hank being far too quiet.

They had eaten and gone to bed pretty early.

Meanwhile, Dipper had been summoned by the Cult of the Dank Messenger that evening, and they had been burning mass amounts of Yggdrasil.

When Dipper blipped home that evening, he was, as Stan often put it, “high as a fucking kite.”

Eyes blown, Dipper drifted in the living room and immediately felt above him roiling waves of yellow and green and sadness and bad off of his kids, his niblings. 

Dipper was all feelings now, no thought, and all he could focus on was that he couldn’t have his babies hurting.

Not on his watch.


Acacia woke up to her uncle picking her up.

More specifically, picking her up by grabbing her nightshirt in his teeth, and then blipping them downstairs to a blanket nest he had made.

Acacia lay there, stunned for a second, and was quickly joined by Hank and Willow.

Uncle Dipper came around and curled up around them, managing to just wrap around the three of them with his legs and arms. Then he unfurled his wings, and wrapped the three of them within them.

Perhaps someone else would have been completely freaked out by the situation, but this right here was one of Acacia’s earliest memories, of being safe, and warm, and a feeling of absolute love and-

Uncle Dipper began to lick her hair.

Wet. There was that too.

Ah well. Demon spit would wash out (she hoped). She closed her eyes and fell asleep to the sound and feel of her uncle purring.


When Mabel got up in the morning, the first thing she saw was Dipper in the living room, wrapped around the kids. In turn, Acacia and Hank had Willow in the middle. All four of them were snoring like no tomorrow.

Mabel went to get her camera. This would go great with the one she had of them in this position when they were babies.

anonymous asked:

can you do a scenario where mark teaches his girlfriend how to skateboard?

"Hey, slow down!" you yell, desperately trying to keep your balance on the shaky, black skateboard.

Mark lightly tightens his grip around your shoulders as he lets out a chuckle. “Babe, calm down. I’m barely pushing you.”

You roll your eyes and steady your balance by hesitantly holding your arms out in front of you. Mark’s walking next to you, arms around you to make sure you don’t fall and you swear with all your heart that skateboarding did not look that hard when you saw GOT7’s video on Rising Idol. Though you never would admit it, your sudden adamant desire to learn how to skateboard was fueled by none other than Jackson, who made a bet with you that you’d never be able to learn how to skateboard because you’re apparently “already clumsy enough”.

And here you are, on a skateboard, filled with determination to prove him wrong. You had to beg your boyfriend to teach you but after countless kisses, he finally agreed.

"Can’t you just teach me some cool tricks or something?" you ask, tired of merely skating in a straight line with him practically holding you.

No,” he says immediately as if you’re crazy. “You need to find your balance first.”

You scoff and stubbornly retort, “I’m pretty sure I already found my balance," you finger quote, "a long time ago, Mark. But you’re holding on to me and—"

"Fine," he interrupts suddenly, stopping mid-step which causes you to stop as well (you almost fall. Almost)"Do you want me to let go then?" Eyebrows raised, he gives you a wary look but you’re too stubborn to say no.

Because of course, your pride always comes first. “Sure,” you say without hesitation, holding your chin high. He gives you one last look and you place your hands on his arms. “Seriously, let go.”

At this he gives a sigh before reluctantly letting go and you’re more than surprised at how vulnerable you feel with your sudden support gone. Mark takes a few steps back and crosses his arms.

"Lets see your balance then, shall we?"

You curse under your breath, arms held out dumbly in front of you as you slowly straighten yourself out on the skateboard. So far so good, you think to yourself with a grin. You’re standing upright on the skateboard and you proudly cross your arms. “Ha, see? My balance is perfe—woah!”

The skateboard’s wheels suddenly betray you as they shake a bit from your sudden movement, causing you to lose your oh-so-perfect balance as you reach out in desperation before your face can meet the cold, hard pavement.

Fortunately, Mark is able to jolt forward and catch you in his arms as your chest meets his in an oof. There’s a brief moment of silence, you awkwardly clinging on to him for dear life before he begins to shake with laughter.

"Oh my god," you murmur in utter embarrassment as you bury your face in his shirt. "That was so embarrassing. I can’t believe that just happened… I can’t even look at you right now."

He says nothing. He can’t. His whole body’s shaking with laughter and you punch his chest lightly, looking up at him with a pout.

"Hey," you whine, frown deepening when you see his neck craned back in laughter and are those tears in his eyes? “It’s not that funny…”

His laughter finally manages to die down as his grip on your arms loosens, blinking away the small tears that formed from your expense. “Babe,” he has to pause because he’s out of breath from laughing so much, “maybe Jackson’s right.”

You blink up at him as his words sink in. “You’re such a jerk!” You spin on your heel angrily and kick his stupid, demon of a skateboard. “Screw this! I’ll just ask Jaebum to teach me.”

"Good luck with that," is his simple reply but you know he’s right; you’d never ask him to, even if your life depended on it. (That man has zero patience.)

Your back is still turned to him but you cross your arms dramatically. “You’re mean.”

Your hear his footsteps pad towards you and you have to bite your lip to suppress your forming smile. His chest presses against your back as he places his chin on your shoulder, arms wrapping around your waist affectionately, ”Sorry~”

Rolling your eyes, you turn around to face him and pout though your eyes are smiling. He gives a smile of his own and leans down to dot a kiss on your nose. 

"We can always try again if you want."

You snort and wrap your arms around his neck to bring his face down to yours for a kiss. “Yeah, no thanks.”