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how would the GOM + nijimura + imayoshi + haizaki + kasamatsu react when they confess to their shy crush about their feelings but their crush was just too oblivious about it? hihi i love your blog and stay awesome!! <3

Aomine Daiki: Aomine becomes quite visibly frustrated after you don’t seem the get his message, despite him having subtly admitted more than once that he wouldn’t mind being in a relationship with you. Eventually, he blurts out a blunt ‘Oi, just listen to what I’m saying already. I’m telling you to be my girlfriend.’ whilst scratching the back of his head in irritation. 

Kise Ryouta: Kise simply stares at you in surprise when you seem to show no reaction to his confession, and is actually more relieved when he realises that it’s due to obliviousness rather than flat-out rejection. Laughing to himself, he proceeds to poke you on the nose in a teasing, playful manner before attempting to convey his message again. 

“No, ____-cchi. I really like you - and I mean like like you.”

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima blinks when you hand him your heavy textbooks for him to carry in response to him admitting that ‘I’d like to look after you.’ A vein pops on his forehead when you proceed to ask him to buy you ice-cream after school, and he when he overhears you telling a friend that ‘Midorima-kun’s been so nice lately. He’s like an older brother!’, he pulls you aside. 

“That’s not what I meant when I said that, nanodayo…He’s too embarrassed to look at you, and so he mutters at the ground instead. “I meant looking after you as your boyfriend…” 

Murasakibara Atsushi: ‘Eh?’ Is the first thing that comes to Murasakibara’s mind when you frown and claim that you’re unable to go out due to having a huge load of homework. ‘I’ll definitely come watch you and your friends play basketball when I next have free time, though!’ You attempt to reassure him, and that’s when he realises that you’ve completely misunderstood his intentions. 

“Neh, ____-chin, I meant let’s go out…on a date…”

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko’s not really sure how he’s supposed to accept your smile and a ‘thanks, tetsu-kun! you’re so kind!’ as a legitimate reply to his confession. He quietly informs you that you’ve got it all wrong; patiently explaining that he admires you and sees you as someone who could potentially become more than a friend. 

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi does his best to maintain a neutral expression - instead of one which reflects the exasperation he feels inside - when you agree to be his chemistry lab buddy in response to his request to be his partner. He catches you outside of class, to attempt to relay his feelings across to you once more - perhaps more blunt and to the point this time. 

“I apologize - I should have worded it differently to begin with, ____-san. You intrigue me, and I’d very much like to take you out on a date.”

Nijimura Shuzo: Nijimura holds back from pursing his lips in irritation when you still don’t seem to understand what he’s trying to say, even after he’s reworded and conveyed his feelings to you multiple times. Eventually getting tired of stressing over whether you’ve understood him or not, he decides to confess you to again, but through actions rather than words. 

Surprise doesn’t even begin to describe what you feel when he corners you before class, pinning you against the wall of an empty hallway to capture your lips with his. 

Imayoshi Shoichi: Whilst it’s frustrating, Imayoshi also finds your obliviousness amusing and adorable at the same time, because it means that he can ultimately have more fun teasing you. He simply smirks and asks, ‘Oh? Is that what how you interpreted my words as?’ which leaves you more confused than ever, and you spend a lot of time going over his words again and rethinking what he could have meant by ‘I find you most fascinating, ____-san.’

Haizaki Shougo: Haizaki is too prideful and arrogant to openly admit to having a crush on you in the first place, so he continues to use insanely confusing methods to imply that he’s taken a liking towards you. 

“Oi, ____. I like your bentos. You should make them for me more often.”
Get your own lunch, Shougo-kun. That was just a one off thing - why would I make you bentos? That’s what people do for their boyfriends.”
“Exactly. I want more eggrolls next time, by the way.” 

Kasamatsu Yukio: Kasamatsu wonders if this is what being friendzoned feels like, and secretly googles ‘how to get my feelings across to the person i like’ at home that night.  When you still nervously laugh off the compliments he gives you the next day due to not fully believing that someone incredible like Kasamatsu would ever have a crush on you, he asks someone in your year for your address, and shows up outside your house the morning after with a bouquet of your favourite flowers. Because someone on Yahoo! Answers said that flowers would definitely do the trick.

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GOM+takao+imayoshi+kaamatsu+kagami attitudes and how they act if they had a sister they're age ? Oh this blog has soooo much potential I love u! I love this blog ! I love love ! Love for Everyone 😄👏

I love you! :3 I’m going to do headcanons because lots of boys xD I hope that’s okay!

Kuroko //

  • His sister would also be skilled in the art of misdirection but leaves the sports to kuroko.
  • I think kuroko would admire having a sister. Someone to talk to and get and give advice to.
  • He would be super supportive of anything she wanted to do whether it was clubs or academics.
  • Would worry over boys confessing to her but would not be the over protective brother. 
  • They have the same eyes~

Kise //

  • The sister would be 100,000 more attractive than kise. Hands down.
  • But kise would steer her away from modeling just from seeing how harsh agencies are on female models and that he would want her to enjoy her youth.
  • thick as thieves. They know everything about one another.
  • She likes to tease him of his insecurities but would annihilate anyone else teased him
  • she had a crush on Haizaki when they went to Teiko but Kise ended that crush immediately.

Midorima //

  • Doesn’t claim her unless it’s a dire situation xD;
  • They both wear glasses but she prefers contacts
  • she makes better grades than he does and it is the bane of his existence.
  • she admires Akashi and its another thing that irritates him.
  • Though if she needed him he would be the first to drop whatever he was doing to help her in anyway he could
  • oh she doesn’t believe in horoscopes or astrology xD

Aomine //

  • Oh man, either they would be thicker than thieves or just hate one another xD.
  • Even though they would irritate the hell out of him, he would look after his sister in anyway he could.
  • Momoi and her would be bffs ( oh man I ship momoi aomine sister so hard now)
  • Super sensitive about boys/girls being attracted to her.

Murasakibara //

  • She would be nearly as tall as Mura.
  • She would have an immense maternal instinct what with her brother and other siblings she would feel it was her responsibility to take care of them.
  • They are complete polar opposites. He’s childish and lazy, she’s responsible and outgoing.
  • They don’t really converse with one another at school but there was this one time a guy classmate was teasing Mura’s sister for her height and Mura shut him down, completely.
  • She hates sweets unless it’s coffee or salted flavored which mura “accidentally” gets some when he’s noticed she’s had a rough day at school.

Akashi //

  • Have I told you how much I wish Akashi had a sibling?
  • She has him completely wrapped around his finger
  • She looks exactly like his mother so she is under his protection at all times.
  • Secretly though he feels a little jealous because in his eyes, being a girl there was a closer bond between their mother and her. Which he wanted.
  • They basically run Rakuzan.
  • I could see Haizaki having a slight crush on his sister, but it would definitely not be pursued.

Takao //

  • He would be a little immature, not wanting her to come to his basketball practices, doesn’t want her to be around his friends or Midorima.
  • It’s because he doesn’t want his sister or his friends to fall for one another. He wouldn’t want to see his sibling hurt or loose a friendship over something stupid like love.
  • Constantly teasing her though in front of her friends.
  • Would technically be the older brother but act like the younger.

Imayoshi //

  • God it’s a constant battle of who can embarrass the other more.
  • His sibling also wears glasses…the.same.exact.pairs that Imayoshi wears.
  • She could talk her way out of anything so Imayoshi gets most the blame for things that might happen around the house. 
  • As much as they would annoy the absolute hell out of one another in the end they would have each others back.
  • They would listen to each other’s problems for advice only to give sarcastic comments (as a joke).

Kasamatsu //

  • ughhhh twin kasamatsus /swoons
  • He would always say he was the oldest even if it was by mere minutes.
  • Ultra über supportive brother ( out of all of the guys that were asked for this kasamatsu would be leaps and bounds ahead of the others as far as best brother).
  • He would worry over them. Did they study enough? Did they get to class on time? Was anyone picking on them? Is there favorite show recording?
  • the sister would find it embarrassing if he would worry over them around friends but in all she would do the same for him. Was he having a good day? Was the basketball team listening to him? Was his compression socks stretched out to much? 

Kagami //

  • I wish this boy had a sister, because I think he would be the best toward them.
  • If he had a sister the same age as him I think he would be a little less oblivious to girls.
  • The two would be super ultra competitive with each other. Who could run the longest, who got better grades ( the sister would always win), who could eat the most. Everything would be a competition, but a healthy one.
  • Kagami would be super protective of her. I think guys/girls would be terrified to confess to her.
  • Of course having a sibling they would get on his nerves along with him getting on theirs but I think they would be really close.